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The Mentally Fractured Tale of Cinderella

No description

Devin S.

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of The Mentally Fractured Tale of Cinderella

We based our story off of the Brother's Grimm tale of Cinderella
-the main character of our story who suffers from GAD, OCD, and Major Depressive Disorder
Cinderella’s step monster always made her feel less than human and blame anything that went wrong on poor Cinderella. This made Cinderella develop Generalized anxiety disorder, and caused her to develop major depression. Cinderella wanted more than anything to move past her disorder but her stepmother made any excuse she could to avoid taking Cindy to see Fairy Godmother for therapy. Fairy Godmother had no choice but to sit back and watch the chaos unfold upon Cinderella’s family even though the family was severely troubled. One big problem was Stepmother’s bipolar disorder. One minute she would be happy-go-lucky and the next she would scream at Cinderella for nothing.
She'd have a manic episode buying expensive stuff for Cinderella to clean. and the next minute, she'd be crying about senseless things. You see, since their mother suffered a mental illness the girls appeared to inherit some kind of mental illness also. Her Stepsisters, Regina and Georgina, had severe mental issues that made them act a bit psychopathic. Regina suffered from schizophrenia and often hallucinated as well as suffered from intense paranoia. She always thought she was being followed by Cinderella and in a way being stalked by her. Georgina suffered from Paranoid Personality Disorder, which means that she a mental disorder characterized by paranoia and a pervasive, long-standing suspicious and generalized mistrust of others. She would think that Cinderella was envious of her and she wanted to hurt her. They all blamed young Cinderella for everything, which only made Cinderella’s life that much harder to bear. Fairy Godmother seemed to notice that the more they made Cinderella clean the more she became OCD. This only further added to Cinderella’s difficulties in life. Fairy Godmother attempted to help by adding a plan of contingency management into the household. She thought if she could set a good pattern of behavior for the girls they may follow it and treat Cinderella a bit nicer. Fairy Godmother also tried to help by telling stepmother to practice the technique of extinction. She wanted her to simply stop reinforcing the girls bad behavior toward Cinderella, but obviously she didn’t.

Once Upon a Time...
In a far off land, a baby girl was born. A NORMAL baby girl...or so her cranky stepmother and ugly stepsisters thought. They raised her, just like any other family would raise a baby, but not with the same love a regular family would give to another member of the family.

By Lauren, Devin, and Vivi
The Mentally Fractured Tale of Cinderella
Stepmother- evil stepmother that suffers from bipolar disorder and is abusive to Cinderella
-stepsister that suffers from Schizophrenia and believes Cindy is out to get her
- stepsister that suffers from Paranoid Personality Disorder and Ends up playing a big role in the story
there lived a young girl named Cinderella. You see, Cinderella's life was pretty sad and it wasn't exactly the kind of life a normal girl would have. Her wonderful father died when she was very young along with her mother who died during pregnancy. So unfortunately, Cinderella was forced to move to a neighboring kingdom with her wicked stepmother. Cinderella’s stepmother took Cinderella to Fairy Godmother, a very well known Psychiatrist to understand why Cinderella was the way she was. She was basically all alone in the world, all she had was a stepmother from her father’s second marriage after the death of her biological mother, but as it turns out Cinderella’s father didn’t die in a riding accident. Cindy’s stepmother killed him because she suffered from Bipolar Disorder and had one fit of rage go too far. Her stepmother favored her two daughters over Cinderella, so Cinderella was forced to do all the chores in the house. She cleaned the toilets, hand washed the dirty pantaloons, and mowed the cottage lawn. Her stepmother and sisters treated her as trash which didn’t help with the fact that Cinderella was diagnosed by Fairy Godmother to have Major Depressive Disorder. Fairy Godmother told the evil stepmother to use a flooding technique and surround Cinderella with happiness, but of course the stepmother didn’t listen and abused Cindy just the same as she always had. But little did Cinderella know, her life wouldn't be normal for long…

Cinderella's depression was very frustrating. It developed from her awful stepmother and sisters' constant abusive attitudes and always making her clean and do chores, leading to her development of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Due to the amount of work and stress put on her she has three developed mental disorders rather than the one she was born with. She was so depressed that even when she finished chores she would only sit there and sulk around the house. She even felt so upset at some points that the thought of death often crossed her mind. She didn't see any sense in living because she was basically alone in this world. She always wondered why she had to live such a cruel and sad life. One day it seemed as if her life was going to take another course. Finally something could come along and cause the sun to shine and the sky to be blue.
Now Regina’s paranoid schizophrenia was getting worse and the image of Cinderella trying to hurt her was constantly in her mind. Regina was looking everywhere all the time to see if Cinderella was anywhere to be found because she believed she was going to hurt her. This only intensified over time.
The next day it was announced throughout the kingdom that a ball would be held in order for the Crown Prince to find a wife. In one of her good moods, stepmother was so elated she bought her daughters new dresses and prepared them for the ball at once.
That night stepmother, Regina, and Georgina headed to the ball, once again leaving Cinderella home alone to sulk in the darkness. At the ball Georgina was making a fool out of herself because she would believe her beauty and personality was better than that of anyone elses’ and showed herself around as much as possible. She wanted to make the Prince swoon and be his bride. Fairy Godmother was observing from the other side of the ballroom and thought, "what is wrong with this family, I think i should take them all into a group therapy to see if we can come to something that will help this mentally ill family." She never knew that she spoke too soon. Little did she know, Georgina’s envious side was about to come out in full swing and cause a twist nobody could predict.

Now Fairy Godmother had told Cinderella going to the ball would really help her Depression because it would systematically desensitize her to avoid depressive situations and her fear of people.
Cinderella was just about done with her chores when she realized that she didn't have anything to wear because she hardly ever went out! When she finished her chores she started looking to see if she could find something to wear. She found a pretty but out of style dress. "It's a little out of style," she said, "but I can make it work." She wanted to get ready for the ball but she couldn’t do everything she needed in such a small amount of time before the ball started! She started freaking out and having hallucinations of ways to get things done. Small mice and birds appeared in front of her and did her make up, fixed her hair and helped her get dress. She was now ready for the ball and started on her way. Her OCD forced her to take the long path to the ball and ended up causing her to ruin her dress but she finally reached the ball.
Meanwhile at the ball, the evil stepmother and stepsisters were acting rather strange as usual. However it was the Prince who really caught our eye. He seemed to want nothing more than to exit the ballroom as soon as possible. However, his father the King, was smart enough to convince him to stay using a token economy system. Every time he danced with a girl is father would buy him a new present, and since the whole kingdom was there he could make serious bank. So the Prince decided to stay at the ball, too bad for him. Paranoid Regina thought that the ball was a front created by Cinderella to try and get her. Her schizophrenia made her think Cinderella wanted to kill her because of her "importance" and that she was jealous of the wonderful person her sister was. As for narcissist Georgina, she was super jealous because everyone was giving their attention to the masked girl who had just showed up to the party and looked an awful lot like her step sister Cinderella. At that moment the anger and jealousy of her hating personality kicked in and chaos ensued. Meanwhile Cinderella was so uncomfortable from all the attention she was getting that she started to have a panic attack.Next thing she knew she passed out. The Prince, who was very interested in the masked girl, ran to Cinderella to try and wake her which he did so with a kiss. She awoke and looked lovingly into her true love’s eyes. Finally Cinderella had reached a point where she could be truly happy just as Fairy Godmother had said. The Prince gave Cinderella a beautiful pair of glass slippers as a token of his love and took her out to the dance floor.

Georgina was very upset, and she in her rage, grabbed one of the knifes that was on the table. She rushed onto the dance floor and stabbed both the Prince and Cinderella. Georgina’s mother ran out and stabbed Cinderella again because she was upset that Cinderella did not follow her instructions. Everyone screamed and shouted, especially Regina. She was very scared and didn’t understand what was happening. However, her insistent screaming annoyed both her mother and Georgina and so they killed her too. When their mother calmed down and realized what she had done she tried to stop Georgina from killing more people at the ball, but she refused to stop. Georgina than killed her mother for trying to stop her from being the most powerful girl at the ball . Her rage continued to cause her to kill and kill because everyone who didn't give her the attention she deserved needed to be put down. By the time she came to her senses it was too late because everyone at the ball had been killed. She had a panic attack from all the stress and died along with everyone at the ball.

Thank You For Watching!
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