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Shaping the nation

No description

Bobby Silby

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Shaping the nation

Shaping the nation
Shaping the nation
The Romans arrived in 49AD but the Roman Empire collapsed in 410AD. The period after is often called the Dark Ages.

Viking and Norman settlers both arrived, we will also look at the birth of the rule of law, hundred years war and the War of the Roses.
The Vikings
Were settlers from Scandinavia who traveled in Longboats bringing culture, language, new science and pagan religious beliefs.

Landed in 1066 from Northern France. Fought and won the battle of Hastings destroying King Harold"s forces and killing him. William the Conqueror then took the throne.
Magna Carta

The Magna Carta set out three main principles.
1. Nobody is above the law, even the kings
2. Right to a fair trial
3. Anyone taxed is entitled to representation
Hundred Years War
King Charles IV died in France in 1328 without a son. Edward III of England believed he was the rightful King of France but France did not want a foreign king and a conflict arose.

Early battles at sea were won by England so nearly all fighting took place in France over 116 years. Charles VI of France was insane and Queen Isabella married Henry V of England to make him King of France however both kings died and the fighting continued until 1452
In order to secure support from the Barons and their Scottish and French allies King John signed the "Great Charter" to limit his powers and to protect those of others from imprisonment and seizure of money.
War of the Roses
King Edward III had many sons, the eldest the "Black Prince" died with his son only a child.
The Duke of York challenged for the throne and a series of battles were fought between the forces of York and Lancaster.
For 2 years Richard III was king but died.
Eventually Henry VII married Elizabeth of York.
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