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Combine your orienteering skills with literacy

No description

Simon Ashbell

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Combine your orienteering skills with literacy

Use one of these today.
Ganderflanking = It is in one major work, the six-volume English Dialect Dictionary of 1898-1905. This has it in the sense of frolicking, larking or gadding about, though in 1893 a publication of its parent body, the English Dialect Society, preferred to define it as “To go off larking or wondermenting”. This last word was another Wiltshire term, meaning to play the fool or waste time over unprofitable work, which you may feel has at least as good a claim to revival.
Combine your orienteering skills with literacy
How it works.....
The rules
You must stay in your teams - know one is left behind!
Stay within the marked areas on the map.
If I blow the whistle and call end of game you must come back immediately.
Are we more alive than a Tree?

You will be divided in to teams.
Your team will be given a map with controls.
When you have collected all the controls you must unscramble the word and match it to 'THE LIST'
In your teams you must come up with a definition of your word

You will Need
A map
A control card
A pen
A clock
Through the completion of the wise words orienteering challenge.
Frigorific Something frigorific causes cold or is chilling. The chill here is from Latin frigus, cold, a root that’s also the source of refrigerate and frigid, as well as the obsolete frigor, a state of extreme coldness
Dwindle - to keep becoming less; to grow smaller in number or amount.
Abyss - anything too deep to measure
Tedious - something to go on for a long time; Boring.
Capricious - Likely to change quickly for no obvious reason.
Attribute - to think of as coming from or belonging to a particular person or thing.
Get ready......
You have ?? min to complete the challenge - May the force be with you!
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