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Timeline of Alcatraz Island

No description

Jason Berg

on 8 December 2010

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Transcript of Timeline of Alcatraz Island

Timeline of Alcatraz Island Before 1769: Alcatraz was a Miwok Indian territory, used for banishment of tribe members who broke tribal laws. It was believed to be a home for evil spirits 1769: Spanish pioneers visit the island, and name it the Isla de los Alcatraces, or island of the Pelicans, because of a large pelican colony living on the island. Natives began using the island as a hiding place against the Spanish Missonaries forced christianity. 1848 California and the island become US territory after the Mexican American war 1853: The US military begins construction of a Fortress atop Alcatraz. 1848: California and Alcatraz Island become US territory after the Mexican-American war 1859: Alcatraz is commandeered by the American Army and officially recognized as the lead defensive power on the West Coast. Recognizing the design of the island, the Us begins using cell blocks there to hold military prisoners, deserters, and the like of the US military 1861: The fort is designated as the official military prison of the Pacific department 1895: The largest number of native American prisoners are sent to Alcatraz, a total of 19 Hopi Leaders 1934: Alcatraz is designated a warden, and begins upgrades to become a maximum security, inescapable prison. Upgrades included electricity and sanitation in the cells, electromagnetic metal detectors in all entrances to work areas and the mess hall, and all the barracks were made in to comfortable living quarters for prison guards. 1963: Alcatraz is officially shut down, all prisoners moved to new locations, and reporters were finally allowed on the island 1964: The first native American occupation is made, lasting only four hours. It consisted of five Sioux Indians demanding the island be turned into a native cultural center and Indian university 1969: A second occupation, Led by the Mohawk Indian Richard Oakes, and a group of supporters, is started. 1971:
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