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Florida Tech Greek Life

No description

Ali Boddy

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Florida Tech Greek Life

Fraternity and Sorority Life at Florida Tech

Presented by Greek Life
Welcome to Greek Life
at Florida Tech
Welcome to the most dynamic
Greek Life system. You have
made one of the best decisions
of your college career!!!
What are Fraternities and Sororities?
Value - based organizations of higher education for undergraduate students
Fraternities are male-only and Sororities are female-only
200+ year tradition, 47 years at FIT
Friendship, Social Enrichment, and Intellectual Discourse
Vehicles for service and philanthropic work
11 Organizations; 375+ students; 12.4% of student body
As a Community
Percentage of Greeks at Florida Tech (as of Spring 2013)
Percentage of male Greeks – 12.8%
Percentage of Female Greeks – 11.2%
Percentage of Greeks at Florida Tech – 12.4%

Academics (as of Spring 2013)
All Male GPA – 2.68 cumulative GPA
All Greek Male GPA – 2.78 cumulative GPA
All Female GPA – 2.89 cumulative GPA
All Greek Female GPA – 2.94 cumulative GPA
All Undergrad - 2.74 cumulative GPA
All Greek Undergrad – 2.82 cumulative GPA

Civic Engagement (Fall 2012 - Spring 2013)
Community Service Hours – 7,028.18 Hours
Philanthropy Dollars – $26,634.89
Campus Service Hours – 7,160.90 hours

What we Offer
Leadership Opportunities
Philanthropy and Community Service
Social Enrichment
Brotherhood and Sisterhood
Similar core values

Greek Village
The purpose of housing facilities in the Florida Institute of Technology Greek Village is to use safe, common and functional spaces specific to Greek affiliated organizations in order to promote a positive and unified fraternity and sorority community. Providing a safe environment wherein residents are able to grow and learn from their respective organization will only prove to enhance the campus of Florida Tech. Common Spaces within the Florida Tech Greek Village will help residents embrace the differences among each other and their organizations. Meeting and storage spaces will facilitate a more supportive and productive community by allowing members to join together in a central location. The overall goal of Fraternity and Sorority Housing is to promote a community of unity by providing common spaces where residents can share common ideals and goals.

Post College Benefits
Alumni Networking
Career networking
Job opportunities
Opportunity for chapter involvement

What Makes Florida
Tech Greek Life Different
Academics ARE important
Civic Engagement is a top priority
Respect is mutual between Greek Life members and campus/local community
Respect is mutual between chapters
Allies on campus
Have the opportunity to do more for our campus
Opinions are heard and erally do matter
Hazing does not happen...really!!

State of Florida hazing law: 240.1325
Hazing is strictly prohibited at Florida Tech
All chapters have Risk Management plans in place
As well as Panhellenic and InterFraternity Councils
What you should expect from Chapters as a New Member
Your first semester as a new member is the busiest due to new member meetings, chapter meetings, study hours, socials, etc. - this can provide structure and help with time management skills to help you adjust to college
New members are given a Big Sister/Brother to serve as a mentor and offer guidance and help them acclimate to their first semester of college life
Skills honing
Time Management
Social Enrichment - A home away from home
Fraternity Community
Alpha Tau Omega
Chi Phi
Delta Tau Delta
Lambda Chi Alpha
Lambda Chi
Pi Kappa Alpha
Pi Lambda Phi
Pi Lam
ΣΤΓ (colony)
Sigma Tau Gamma
Sig Tau
Tau Kappa Epsilon
Sorority Community
Alpha Phi
Gamma Phi Beta
Gamma Phi
Phi Sigma Sigma
Phi Sig

IFC and Panhellenic
Self-governing community
Enforce University Policies
Uphold Chapter Standards
Educate Members

How can I be apart of this??
Potential- Any person who is not in a NIC or NPC organization
Bid – an invitation from a Fraternity or Sorority for you to join their organization
Pledge/Associate Member/Candidate for Initiation – all terms that are used by different Fraternities/Sororities to describe their new members
5 key things to do as a Potential
1. Ask questions.
2. Be open minded.
3. Fraternity Recruitment – meet as many chapters as you can.
4. Try and schedule times to meet people outside recruitment events.
5. Have fun
Fraternity Recruitment
Friday August 16, 2012 Meet the Greeks – follows Color Wars Finale outside of Gleason
Saturday August 17, 2012 to Friday August 23, 2012 – Recruitment Week
Friday August 23, 2012 – Bid Day – Attendance REQUIRED if seeking a bid

Fraternity Recruitment
What to expect...
Sorority Recruitment
Friday August 16, 2012 Meet the Sororities – follows Color Wars Finale in the Hartley Room.
Friday August 16, 2012 to Saturday August 18, 2012- Recruitment Week

Sorority Recruitment
What to expect...
Any questions?
Cat McGuire Carnley
Assistant Dean for Student Activities
The Office of Student Life
Phone – 321.674.8080
Email – cmcguirecarnley@fit.edu

Matt Altavilla
IFC VP of Recruitment and Expansion

Deirdra Fey
Panhellenic VP of Membership and Recruitmnet

Dues Comparison
Sororities -
Florida Tech - Free
Florida State University - $140
University of Central Florida - $75
University of Alabama - $250
Georgia Tech - $80
Chapter Dues:
Florida Tech: $266 - $368
Florida State University (With meal plan): $1,946 - 6,340
University of Central Florida: $504 - $1,207
University of Alabama: $2,100 (average)
Georgia Tech: $220 -$975

Fraternities -
Florida Tech - Free
Florida State University - $140
University of Central Florida - Free
University of Alabama - $20
Georgia Tech - Free
Chapter Dues (Out of House):
Florida Tech: $280 - $550
Florida State University (With meal plan): $1,946 - 6, 340
University of Central Florida: $250 - $800
University of Alabama: $2,300 (average)
Georgia Tech: $1,182 (average)

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