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Interior Desgin Living Room/Dining Room

Zac's living room & dining room

vicki thoms

on 17 June 2011

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Transcript of Interior Desgin Living Room/Dining Room

Zac's House Design Resource File Colour Considerations Black and white colour scheme White gives feelings of peace, relaxation and quietness easy to decorate and accesorize BLACK
WHITE Floor Coverings Hardwood Floor
Carpet Overlayed Hardwood floors are easy to maintain Long lasting Carpet for decoration Wall Coverings & Ceilings black or white walls,
white crown molding,
simplistic panelling. clean, simplistic
relaxing, elegant Window Coverings Black or white Curtains,
White Blinds,
White Shutters. simplistic and uniform neutral, would go with any theme Furniture Dining Room Living Room Black and white furniture
Simplistic pieces
Easy to maintain
Accesible to children and adults Sleek, black chairs
showing uniformity
clearness and inviting
smooth table top
legs at corners of table as opposed to middle
storage in closed cabinetry comfortable, clean
leather or suede
big enough for a family
raised off the floor for cleaning purposes
matched or unmatching set Lighting and Accesories glass,
difussed. Brighten rooms with lamps, ceiling and wall fixtures.
Provides adequate lighting for reading, games etc. at the table
Dimming lights in living room for movie/television watching
Occasional spotlights for highlighting Accessories A few simple,
classy, not cluttered
accessories to accent
the room THE END! :)
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