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Moon Thai


Julio Reynoso

on 22 May 2010

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Transcript of Moon Thai

Moon Thai's Restaurant Concept Moon Thai's Restaurant will consist of a variety of traditional authentic Thailand dishes as well as non-authentic.
Moon Thai's Restaurant(s) will be established preferably on the banks of rivers, (in relation to the restaurants moon theme and tides) and/or lakes, and oceans. On the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, The Brazos River or Lake Waco, will be the wanted location for the restaurant’s ground. If not on the coast, we will furnish coast-like structures giving a similar feeling.
Interior design in the restaurant(s) will be in relevance to Thailand culture. The restaurant will be furnished with unique and exotic decorations offering customers a sensible recognition and appreciation of the Thailand culture, food, and moon theme assortments. We will be family friendly to everyone.
The restaurant will also consist of an exotic bar offering many new beverages to its customers that like to have a little drink
(Thai Cuisine & Bar) Background

We will make sanitation one of the restaurants very top priorities. Every vegetable, every fruit, every consumable commodity that we will serve shall be inspected exceedingly daily. Moon Thai Restaurant will have a bar and smoke section for those who smoke and like to get a little loose. In relation to Moon Thai’s Restaurant “Moon” theme, we will give our customers the option of sitting outside to enjoy the relaxing view of the moon, water, and glamorous stars.

Moon Thai Restaurant(s) will prepare foods and beverages to Thailand Culture to its customers. Thailand foods are famous and well known for being very spicy. Of course we will offer non-spicy foods too for the ones who don’t exactly have those flame seeking taste buds. Objectives Moon Thai’s Restaurant will go into tremendous depth into designing and decorating a very relaxing and soothing environment for the inside and outside of the restaurant. This will serve as a pull factor for attracting new customers, and making the current ones wanting to come back.
Moon Thai’s will do its best attempt to offer our customers relaxing, but not too boring music that will enhance their time and meal.
Everyday the restaurant will take in new customers. We want everyone to have a great first experience; Food wise and surroundings wise, we want our customers to spread the word on how great our exciting environment is and the exotic foods and drinks the restaurant has to offer. S
STRENGTHS The Restaurants view:

•Decorations will be eye-grasping and will give glow to the restaurant’s image •Interior will be Thai related of course The food and alcohol beverages will have enormous advantages such as: •Foods will be exotic •Spicy Foods that customers would like to try and tame •People that drink would have grand curiosity to try new drinks The restaurant’s ground will be of an advantage because:

Mission Statement To serve you with a fine soothing dining experience; Enjoy as we go out of our way to bring YOU, Thailand's Culture and the moon. :) •Soothing surrounding •Mind-opening to guests that sit outside •The moon and the stars will have a wonderful and tremendous influence on customers Moon Thai’s Opening: •It will open on Mothers day. •Will hand out a 30 percent discount at a massage salon. •A perfect gift of a new dining experience and discount massage gift for all mothers •Romantic getaway for the wife and husband Weaknesses •The restaurant has no reputation

•It’s the first time people have ever heard of such name

•Must frequently secure a clean and safe outer environment

•Because it is new, customer satisfaction must be
guaranteed so positive word by mouth is spread. Opportunities •Birth of a possible franchise

•Competitions held at Moon Thai’s can be used to draw in competitive people who think they can withstand more spiciness then their buddy
•Winners will be given rewards thus being cash or restaurant credit such as a free meal or a percentage off their next meal.

•The restaurant isn’t necessarily limited to just Thailand culture. The bar can have events such as karaoke night, talent show, or band night on the patio serving as another attraction for people.
•The menu is adjustable at any time. Additional foods can be added or taken whenever.

•We can promote a loyalty points reward card attempting to promote and keep customers coming back frequently.

•Hours are adjustable as well
•The menu is adjustable at any time. Additional foods can be added or taken whenever.

•We can promote a loyalty points reward card attempting to promote and keep customers coming back frequently.
•Hours are adjustable as well

Threats! •Hazardous weather conditions can affect the restaurants business severely.
•Bugs, animals, rodents must be kept away from the restaurant’s outer environment
•Moon Thai’s managers must do their best to hire the best suited cooks and servers with great people skills. Bad attitude or unkind service to the customer will give the restaurant a bad impression. •New food-borne illnesses that are born such as the swine flu can have an inflicting impact on customer in-flow Moon Thai’s target markets include:
•Local Residents. (Bases of Segmentation).
1.)Males ages 17 through 35 who still have the urge to be competitive and outgoing to try Moon Thai’s food and participate in competitive eating events.
2.)Married couples looking for a romantic escape. 3.)Hispanics because they typically enjoy spicy foods.
4.)Asians simply because they miss home sweet home.
5.)Men and women over the age of 21 Product Moon Thai’s Restaurant (Cuisine and Grill) is simply a restaurant influenced by Thailand’s Culture and is in relation to its title. A service created not only to feed our guests, but to provide them with a captivating and awing experience to Thailand’s culture, and the moon’s glamorous speculation. We want our guests to have the option of having a relaxing romantic dinner outside, or a fun, new, and outgoing experience such as in the bar, patio, or the regular dining room.
Our menu will consist of a vast variety of dishes like no other.
•Under the “Thailand’s Critters of the Sea” section, the menu will offer a wide selection of seafood dishes prepared Thailand style. From octopus to exotic spicy seahorses will be served under this division for our adventurous customers. •The “Thai Exotic Authentic” section will hold dishes that directly originated from Thailand itself. Exotic items will be served in this section as well. •Moon Thai will also have an “American” section as well as a kid’s menu offering American children platters such as cheese burgers, French fries, spaghetti, Chick n’ Fried Steak, and other American foods such as macaroni and cheese. •The “Thai are you sure you want to order this because it’s really spicy” menu will be made up of spicy foods from a scale of 1-10. From number one being mild, to number 10 being, oh my goodness someone please get me a freaking glass of water now! Spicy. •Moon Thai will also have an “American” section as well as a kid’s menu offering American children platters such as cheese burgers, French fries, spaghetti, Chick n’ Fried Steak, and other American foods such as macaroni and cheese.
•Last but not least the “Pica Pica” menu will be created for the Hispanics deriving from the menu’s title words “pica” meaning spicy.
Marketing Mix
Moon Thai’s Times, Features, and Atmosphere

•Moon Thai’s Restaurant will be open 7 days a week all year along. Monday-Thursday the restaurant will be open from 11:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

•Being that Friday & Saturday are the busiest day for most restaurants, the restaurant’s hours will be from 11:00 a.m. to midnight.

•The restaurants interior and exterior will be one of the most critical and important factors of the restaurant’s impression. Different selection of adornments in relation to Thailand’s culture and the restaurant’s moon theme will be on every corner.

•Moon Thai staff will invest a great depth of focus on how the outside seating will look like. The chairs, tables, and decoration outside such as the stones must be extremely captivating to give off the moon theme shine during the day and even more during the night where the restaurant’s peak shine will be at stake.

•Moon Thai’s will hold spicy eating events (must people be reminded that Thailand foods offer extremely spicy and hot foods that will literally burn your mouth) such as which customers can eat the most spiciest foods, or what customer could go the longest without needing a drink of water. Contestants will pay a 7 dollar fee to participate in these events. Awards shall be given to the winners of these events in attempt to attract new customers who think their tough enough to withstand the spiciest and most hot foods. Contest will be held every night if enough participants are available. These contests will also provide somewhat of a show to other guests.
Moon Thai’s will offer discount deals on Monday and Tuesday (slowest days in restaurants)
On Mondays all alcoholic beverages will be half price off and on Tuesday all entrees are half priced from the hours of 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

During the weekdays Moon Thai’s will offer happy hour on all drinks from the hours of 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Moon Thai’s Restaurant will contend with 6 main different menu sections

Seafood dishes- $11.99- $16.99
Exotic/Authentic- $10.99- $15.99
American- $6.99- $15.99
Really Spicy- $5.99- $12.99
Kids menu- $2.99- $4.99
Exotic alcoholic drinks- $7.25- $40.99

X= Servers, cooks, and managers wage and salaries.
Total Fixed Costs (including major equipment, intangible demand such as all utilities and rent to own charge and derived demand products included): $165,000.00 (monthly)

Total Profit in Sales (monthly minus expenses): $412,000.00
$412,000.00-165,000.00= $247,000.00-X= Actual Revenue (break even)

Fixed cost will reduce by $50,000.00 in the second month as start up costs (such as licensing and major equipment) will no longer apply. Charge to rent fee will be $20,000.00. That cost will remain.
$165,000.00- $50,000.00= (fixed cost after first month) $115,000.00
$ 412,000.00- $115,00.00 = 297,000.00-X= Actual Revenue (break even)

Moon Thai’s will be promoted in these various ways.
•Billboard advertising will be put into action putting several billboards up on Waco’s busiest streets.
•Thousands of flyers will be made and passed announcing the grand opening and massage coupon discount.
•Posters will be posted in permitted areas giving a preview of the exciting and beautiful adornments Moon Thai’s has to offer.
•Moon Thai’s will heavily attempt to advertise to young consumers by advertising on stations such as 97.5 FM. 10.61 P.M. 102.5 the bear for those rock loving soon to be customers and Star 92.9 to attract the older people in society
•A well designed website will be created giving every detail and captivating feature Moon Thai’s spreading links everywhere to popular sites (Ex. FB, Myspace.)
•Moon Thai’s will make it it’s best attempt to have the best impression for the first ones will determine the restaurants success.
Promotion Price
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