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a plant eats water and an insect eats the plant

No description

Woodford Chestnut

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of a plant eats water and an insect eats the plant

who eats a jay ?
food chain
but what eats a cheeta
Jess and
insects eat plants.
birds eat insects
a plant makes it's own food by Carbon dioxide and water.
food chain of the amazon rainforest
who eats the plants ?
the insects eat plants and somthing eats the insect
Who eats insects ?

the jay eats the insect
who lives in the amazon rain forest
Blue Jays are one of our most easily recognized birds. They are bright blue with black and white markings. They grow to about 12 inches long. Blue Jays have a crest (pointy feathers on their head).

Blue Jays can be seen in forests, parks, and yards. Basically, you see them anywhere there are oak trees, since acorns are their favorite food.

Blue Jays migrate for the Winter, but we see them year-round in Virginia. Even though our Summer Blue Jays fly south, new ones from the North come in. The opposite is true in the Spring.

a cheeta eats a jay....
Cheetahs are very fast animals that can reach speeds up to 70 mile per hour. Predators of the cheetah include lions and eagles that account for killing half of the offsping babies
eagles and lions eat cheetahs
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