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Drupal 7 Commerce

介紹 Drupal Commerce 概念架構Drupal Chia-I Meet-up, 2012/9/8

Kevin Jheng

on 11 July 2013

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Transcript of Drupal 7 Commerce

Demo 2 Demo 1 Drupal 7 Commerce Chia-I Meet-up
2012/09/08 Commerce v.s. Ubercat 5+7= (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr drupal 6 drupal 7 Entity Node Line item Product & Product Display Why? Mug Entity without node A content type A "product display" node "Cup" product type "T-shirt" product type Mug T-shirt Drupal Charity Bazaar Flexibility http://demo.commerceguys.com/dc/catalog/coffee-holders/mug Implement Modules you will need: Bulk Operation
Commerce bulk product creation (commerce_bpc)
Commerce bulk product creation - Taxonomy reference integration (bpc_taxonomy)
Commerce VBO Views (commerce_vbo_views)
Commerce AutoSKU (commerce_autosku)
Commerce (Product Display Manager) (commerce_pdm)
Product Import
Commerce Feeds (commerce_feeds)
Commerce Feeds Example (commerce_feeds_example) Commerce & Views Product Display Product Report Payment Stock Invoice Shopping Process Modules you would need Commerce (stock)
Commerce Simple Stock (commerce_ss)
Commerce Simple Stock Rules (commerce_ssr)
Commerce Stock API (commerce_stock) Customer Info Address Field (addressfield)
Commerce Addressbook (commerce_addressbook)
Commerce Email (commerce_email) Shipping Flat Rate (commerce_flat_rate)
Shipping (commerce_shipping)
Shipping Method Example (commerce_shipping_example)
Shipping UI (commerce_shipping_ui) Commerce Bank Transfer (commerce_bank_transfer)
Commerce pay in person (commerce_pay_in_person)

Commerce (PayPal)
PayPal (commerce_paypal)
PayPal EC (commerce_paypal_ec)
PayPal WPP (commerce_paypal_wpp)
PayPal WPS (commerce_paypal_wps) Invoice (commerce_invoice)
Invoice Email (commerce_invoice_email)
Invoice UI (commerce_invoice_ui)

Commerce Reorder (commerce_reorder) Google Analytics (commerce_google_analytics)
Commerce Reports (commerce_reports)
Commerce Tax reports (commerce_reports_tax) Drush Command drush qd commercesite "All you need is php-cgi and the PDO sqlite driver - you don't need MySQL or Apache running at all." Line Item http://commerceguys.com/blog/introduction-custom-line-items-drupal-commerce TKY Thank you for your attention Twitter: @philtky
http://www.drupaltky.org/ Rules Ch.9 網路商店 • Drupal Commerce
• Commerce PayPal
• Feeds
• Rules 出版社:碁峰
書號: A331
出版日: 2012/09/04
ISBN: 9789862765647
EAN: 9789862765647

http://drupalbook.tw/usingdrupal/ Forecast

Chia-I Drupal Meetup, Oct/2012

Drush 常用指令介紹

阿舍 (余嘉適)
《使用 Drupal 7 架站的 12 堂課》作者 http://under.me/#men-shirts-vnecktshirt Issues Views results empty for unprivileged user when using Relationship: Content: Referenced Produc Temporary solution 1. Grant (at least) "View any [TYPE] product" permission

2. Hide "product" tab in product display node page http://drupal.org/node/1276450#comment-5105456 Shipping information unable to sync with billing information Issues
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