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Being Engaged and Engaging

Personalised Learning and Differentiation

Stephanie Hill

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Being Engaged and Engaging

Ask students to use similar skills and/or knowledge but apply this to a broader range of texts and tasks
Students apply knowledge of a process to another area or consider the effect of other factors
Students apply existing skills to a more challenging task/ text/ topic etc. BREADTH ENCOURAGE STUDENTS TO TAKE RISKS to go beyond their boundaries
to step over the edge of what they know Ask students for more detail and complexity to promote higher-order learning/thinking skills
Go beyond the what? How? And into the why?
Use open-ended questions
Ask students to explain the effectiveness/value of a technique, process, theory (evaluation and synthesis) DEPTH Being Engaging & Engaged Keeping it simple: what do I want my classroom to look like and sound like?

How can I organise lessons so that I am using these teaching strategies and providing these opportunities to students? Teaching Vision Being Engaging & Engaged Being experts in the field Good Work Project
What does it mean to
be a good educator? Howard Gardner Classroom Web Tools Collaboration Edmodo Blogging Glogster Twitter Teacher
Tube Google Docs (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr A World of ICT Opportunities Wikis Instead, enable and encourage students to explore avenues in more depth

Ask students to dive deeper and they will be engaged and amazed at what they find "Nurturing Talent, Growing Potential" The 12th Asia Pacific Conference
on Giftedness Educators representing almost every continent in the world came together to present theories, papers and strategies, collaborate with each other and discuss gifted education in schools around the world E-Learning Programs/ ideas
Assessment methods
TEACHING PRACTICE in the classroom Peer & Self Evaluation Students become teachers as well as learners within the classroom:
self & peer marking - students evaluate their own work and that of their peers using a scaffold and giving feedback for improvement
students facilitate group activities and lead class discussion and teaching
student become 'experts' on certain topics assisting the class or particular students Independence Enable students to use independence and problem solving to complete tasks with minimal teacher assistance:
- Give students the opportunity to negotiate their own way/s to reach objectives, complete task etc.
- Facilitate a project that students complete independently with minimal instructions/ guidance
- Provide avenues for leadership/ mentoring of others Being Ethical & Professional "Unless you try to do something beyond what you have
already mastered, you will never grow."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson http://gettingsmart.com/blog/2012/08/5-ways-use-thinglink-teaching-learning/#tl-4322269c TED Talks Depth Independence Breadth Grouping Peer & Self
Evaluation GROUPING Plan groupings/ seating arrangements that enable
students to work with students of similar ability levels
students to take on roles in their area of strength/ expertise
students to peer mentor or lead other students Support Site Where you can go for G&T education support at Trinity? Nord Anglia Project In order to provide for gifted students in
every classroom, aim to raise the achievement of all students Asking students to do more of the same
type of work will only expose students
to more of the same Prezi But this is what will drive them towards
individuality & creativity Moodle Moodle The 3Es engage
express Allow students to show each other
the way into new worlds Some students may find
it daunting to attempt
a task by themselves These elements can be used in any classroom,
no matter the season (school system or curriculum) Ian McNiff
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