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Art, Science, and Technology

A brief intro on what is art, science, and technology.

Rachel Cunningham

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Art, Science, and Technology

Rembrandt Chinese cork sculpture Mark Rothko "Art is taking simple things and making them complicated. Science and technology is taking complicated things and making them simple"

Eli Wang Art Technology Technology is often, but not solely,
created for utilitarian purposes.

However, due to (usually) having
physical form, technology frequently
overlaps with the art world. Science Science is the study of
natural laws and the way the
physical universe functions.

When this knowledge is applied
creatively, technology is made. according to Rachel Art, Science, and Technology "A machine is anything that reduces human effort" - form and content
- intentional
- visually draws the viewer's attention
- not created for utilitarian purposes
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