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Valentino Rossi

No description

kish Saha

on 17 March 2013

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Transcript of Valentino Rossi

Rossi Early Years of Grand Prix Rossi Started Moto GP with Aprillia in 1994 at the age of 25 and made great progress. In 1996 he won his first Grand Prix World Championship on a AGV Aprilia RS125R even though he crashed in most of the races. He then dominated the 1997 season by winning 11 out of the 15 races. He made Aprilia reach the top with the help of some other riders and dominated untill 1999 where he got a contract with honda. Early Years of Moto GP In 2002 Rossi started his first year of Moto GP with Honda, and won 11 races and it was the same in 2003, making him claim 3 World Championships in a row. Many People say that winning the 2003 Moto GP was one of Rossi's best moments, because he had received a penalty of 10 seconds but still came first by 15 seconds. Honda and Rossi split because they said it was the Honda RC211V that were winning the races and not Rossi. References http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valentino_Rossi
Song: Champion Kevin Rudolf Yamaha Season 2004-2005 Rossi was offered a two year contract with Yamaha for 12 million dollars, a offer no other company was willing to pay. In the 2004 South African Moto GP Rossi won the first race with the Yamaha YZR-M1 being the only rider to win consecutive races with different manufacturers. He would go on to win 8 more races and placed 1st with 304, while second and third place were only 257 and 217. In 2005 he won first 7th World Championship and 5th consecutive Moto GP. He finished with a total of 367 points, 147 points ahead of second place finisher. Yamaha 2006 season Rossi was a huge favorite in the 2006 season but he ran into trouble in the first half of the season making Nicky Hayden lead for most of the season. Rossi slowly climbed the points ladderand he got to 2nd behind Hayden. In the second last race, Hayden was taken out by his teamate Dani Pedrosa and he did not finish the race making Rossi lead the points table at the final race. Rossi crashed early in the final race making Hayden the winner of the 2006 season and Rossi second but close behind him. Yamaha 2007 Season In 2007 Rossi returned with a the new Yamaha YZR-M1 800 cc but lost to one of his greatest rivals in the first race Casey Stoner on the Ducati Desmosedici. Rossi won the second race of the season and would win only 4 more in the season. Casey Stoner dominated the competition and took first place ahead of the second place Dani Pedrosa by 125 points and Rossi came third 1 point behind Pedrosa. This was Rossi's lowest scoring season since 1996, and his bike lacked competitiveness, particularly in top speed compared to the Honda or Ducati, and he threatened to leave Yamaha if they are unable to deliver a better package. Yahamaha 2008 Season For the 2008 season Rossi switched to Bridgestone tires and he got 5th in the first race. He won 2 races after and was on the podium for every race after except 2. He won a total of 9 races. He took the lead in Laguna Seca after Casey Stoner crashed in the rainy weathers. Winning the 2008 season gave him 6 Moto GP Championships and 8 Championships overall. Yamaha 2009 Season The 2009 season saw Rossi win 6 races to win his 7th Moto GP title and 9th World Championship by defeating his teammate Jorge Lorenzo into second place by 45 points. Six wins was the lowest number of wins Rossi has had in a championship winning season. In the mid 2009 season Rossi won got his 100th win becoming only the second rider to do so. Yamaha 2010 Season The 2010 season began with Rossi topping most of all pre-season testing sessions and took victory in the first race after the early leader Casey Stoner crashed out. Rossi injured his shoulder and back while training on a motocross bike after the Japanese Grand Prix was postponed to October due to the disruption to air travel after the second eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland. In the next 2 rounds Jorge Lorenzo beat Rossi because of the back pain. The injury was not taken seriously and was expected to cure in a few weeks, but didn't urn out as expected and the ligament tear in the shoulder didn't heal. After a couple more injuries had occured because of a crash going 120MPH, Rossi had to quit the season. It was the first time he ever missed a race. Ducati 2011 Season Rossi signed a 2 year contract with Ducati, making his first appearance on a Italian bike since 1999, he was on Ducati Desmosedici. He came 7th on the first race and 5th in the second and 3rd on the third. Rossi crashed in most races after that and ran over his friend Marco Simoncelli who's helmet had come off, and he later died that day. For the first time ever Rossi had finished a season with 0 wins and he finished 7th overall. Ducati 2012 Season Rossi started the 2012 season with tenth place in the first race, ninth inthe second and seventh in the third. In the 4th race he scored his first podium of the season. Rossi later closed down Casey Stoner, and passed him in the closing stages. Rossi finished seventh in 5th race. In the 6th race Rossi was fastest in the first free practice session, but finished the race in ninth. After a thirteenth place finish in the 7th race, Rossi finished sixth in the 8th race and fifth in the ninth. Rossi came 6th overall in the season. 2013 Season On 10 August, it was confirmed that Rossi would leave the factory Ducati team at the end of the 2012 season, after two seasons with the team. Later that day, it was also announced that Rossi would rejoin the Yamaha factory team until the end of the 2014 season, partnering Jorge Lorenzo. Rossi might just win his 10th World Championship next year!! Best of Rossi Isle Of Man On 8 June 2009, Valentino Rossi rode a Yamaha around the famous Isle of Man TT Course in an exhibition lap along-side fellow Italian motorcycle legend Giacomo Agostini, in what was called 'The Lap of the Gods'. Rossi said you would have to be crazy to try Isle Of Man.
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