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Space Probes

No description

Carol Do

on 6 February 2015

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Transcript of Space Probes

What is a Space Probe
Voyager 1 is the longest lasting space probe, it is still working today! It was sent out Sept. 5 1977
Voyager 1
Sputnik 1 was the very first space probe sent out of earth's atmosphere. It was also the very first hand-made object sent into space. It was launched on Oct, 4 1957.
Sputnik 1

We think that it does make life on earth better because once it started the whole ''ripple effect" there are plenty of new jobs that we could actually want to do! For example finding different planets, or finding all of the moons and more jobs.

Does the invention make life on earth better? How?

What is it's future in space explorations?

Space probes started years ago but, that doesn't mean they still can't send more out. Many space companies and associations are thinking of other things probes can be used for.
A space probe is a space craft that we launch into space, to collect more information what we don't know about space.
The first space probe that was sent into space was Sputnik 1 in 1957 by the former soviet union. The second space probe was Explorer 1 in 1958. Now, there are many, many space probes sent into space. But, there is no information on when they started building the probes.
When was it first invented/discovered?

Sputnik 1 was the very first handmade object sent into space. Lots of countries and companies followed and sent out their own models. This was the beginning of sending people/crafts into space.

What is it's significance in space exploration?

Mariner 4 was the first space probe to take a picture in space and the first to fly by mars. It was launched July 14 1967.
Mariner 4
Space Probes
Explorer 1
Explorer 1 was the second space probe sent into space by America. It was sent about 4 months after Sputnik 1.
there's more...
1. How long has voyager 1 lasted?
2. What planet did Mariner 4 take a picture of?
3. When did they start building the Sputnik 1?
Trick Question!
Hope you learned stuff!
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