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Minute to Learn It: Integrating One Minute Videos In Informa

No description

Lucinda Rush

on 13 October 2015

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Transcript of Minute to Learn It: Integrating One Minute Videos In Informa

Minute to Learn It: Integrating One Minute Videos Into Information Literacy Programming
Content Part 2
How They Came To Be
YouTube Metrics
Libguides Usage Statistics
Library Website Scavenger Hunt
In-Class Assessment
Use & Promotion
In class
Link to Blackboard
Timely posts on Facebook
QR Codes in strategic locations
ODU Libraries' YouTube Channel
"One Minute Tips" LibGuide
Our Goal
To reach students
at the point of need.
Rachel Lux, rlux@odu.edu
Lucinda Rush, lrush@odu.edu
Services/Learning Commons
Learning Outcomes
One to three per video
How will this video meet
an immediate info need?
Secondary messages from text or images
Rewards multiple viewings AND serves basic info need the first time
Students will be able to distinguish between Google and the library databases in order to determine when they would use these resources.
Students will be able to find and identify subject guides in order to establish a reliable starting point for research.
Students will be able to use the Ask A Librarian chat, email, and phone contacts in order to get additional help from librarians.
Classic Pop Culture
Fun and fast-paced!
Don't try to be hip!
Play to the nostalgia factor and/or widely recognizable
Write Script
Plan flow
Consider word choice (concision, pronunciation, jargon, etc.)
Edit, edit, edit!
Gather Audio & Visuals
Collect images, screen shots, screen casts, video clips, etc.
Record audio for script
Edit in iMovie
Add sound effects and background music from iMovie
Trim clips
Add ODU logos and title screen
Export the Video
Add to Library's website
Keep mp4 version for other applications
Post, promote, share, teach!
This part actually takes a long time!
See More!
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