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My Digital Story

How my perceptions and skills of Instructional Technology have changed over the semester.

Meredith Diamond

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of My Digital Story

My Digital Story EDTEC400 Final Project By Meredith Diamond What is Instructional Technology? How can it be used in the classroom? Why should it be used in the classroom? What are the advantages? Disadvantages? And
What does a 21st Century Classroom
look like?
These are all questions I had before taking EDTEC400… Over the course of this past semester
my perceptions and skills with instructional technology
have changed drastically. Before I thought instructional technology… Led to less interaction in the classroom… … and made them dependent on computerized tools and machines. I thought it was too expensive… and that not many schools could afford it…
… and that our society was becoming too reliant on technology as a whole… Throughout the course of the semester I learned… However, these perceptions quickly changed… Instructional technology promotes interaction between students and their peers… And allows the curriculum to become alive and exciting! It encourages learning,
allowing children to think in a new and creative way… And builds the same fundamental skills that would have developed without the technology It allows children to become apart of the 21st century...
so they can succeed in the future After all, we live in a society where technology is a basis for almost
everything we do… Now…
Let’s just look at a few of different aspects of how technology effects education in the classroom:
Technology can serve to:
Replace…Amplify… and Transform… Learning in the Classroom
Technology as a Replacement…
keeps the aspects of Student Learning, Instruction, and Curriculum the same and achieves the same goals as it would without the technology Technology as Amplification…
allows Student Learning, Instruction, and Curriculum to become more efficient, obtainable, and quicker, therefore increasing productivity in the classroom Technology as a Transformation…
allows Student Learning, Instruction, and Curriculum to be transformed in ways unattainable without the technology, therefore allowing technology to play a central role "In order for our children and students to succeed in the future,
they need to be taught the appropriate skills
of the future"
How can instructional technology be incorporated into your classroom? Well… let’s look at some of the most used instructional technology tools and what they have to offer for every classroom… SMARTBoards KidSpiration WebQuests Teacher Websites GradeBook An interactive electronic whiteboard that captures the attention of learners and encourages students’ involvement in the subject Using the SMARTBoard, I created a “Mysterious Tunnel” to develop a math lesson promoting the development of multiplication and division Students can drag the numbers through the tunnel to reveal their answer and then explain what happened to the number while it went through the tunnel Cool, huh? Ok, let's take a look at a different tool through KidSpiration, students can develop thinking, literacy, and numeracy skills using visual learning techniques Here, I created another Math lesson for the students… With this tool, students could create their own problems to solve, make character charts, tables, or story webs to help with their development this tool allows students to utilize real world, up-to-date resources on the Web in order to answer a central question or complex problem. Here I developed a Science Lesson WebQuest
designed around Ecological Footprints Students are presented with a task,
given resources to find their answers,
and then through comparing and sharing collaborate their results through programs such as Weebly.com and iWeb, teachers can create websites online, allowing for easier access to student schedules, announcements, homework assignments and questions, grades, and parent letters Teacher Websites serve as a great way for students, parents, and teachers to communicate safely and easily online Now, here's a tool that's more beneficial to teachers... Through excel, teachers can create their own digital GradeBook, allowing for quick and easy assessment of student’s work, participation, and class averages Here with the help of a few formulas, I was able to calculate a semester worth of grades for a full classroom of students… This not only saves time, but also helps organize grades,
class averages, and if need be grades of multiple classes Ok, well now your probably wondering…
“What about the costs?
Aren’t these tools expensive?”
The answer is yes, however… Many schools can find the proper funding that will pay for
these instructional tools to be used in the classroom As for Assistive Technology, there are many state and private financial resources that will fund any student with a disability Assistive Technology Tools not only increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of people with disabilities...But also allows these students to be integrated in the regular classroom.
Ok, so let's ask this question again... Why should Instructional Technology be incorporated into the classroom? I can't find one reason why not.
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