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my life

most enjoful moments of my life

sunny tran

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of my life

PIRZADA -Pakistan,karachi THE STARTING OF MY LIFE Last day of school -On the last day of school we did a "Tour" around the school to say our last "goodbye's". Swimming is awesome! Where was I born? COMING TO CANADA -lot's of students shed tears (mainly girls)and teachers also had tears.
(you know who you are) Ps3 all day!!! (xbox player's don't hate) When was I born? -We settled in Toronto and went to the CN Tower many times. -May 2nd 2000 -In the morning around 5:00 Am Summer camping - South of Pakistan Yup that's me....... Embarrassing much :) MY LIFE MAP -In this picture im about one and a half years old. - I came to Canada when I was two years old. -Pakistan, Karachi Social Social Social Social Epic Epic Epic Epic Swag Swag Swag Hilarious Hilarious Hilarious Hilarious Swag Nice Nice Nice Nice Smart Smart Smart Smart Coopertive Coopertive Coopertive Coopertive Legit Legit Legit Legit Sanaullah Sanaullah Sanaullah sanaullah Is Is Is Is My first day of school - I started school when I was four years old. - I started school in September 4th 2004 -My first school was Mc Bride public school We later then moved into Mississauga ... Skii trip - In the middle of grade six we went on a skii trip. - We had to do drills and pass test before going on the hills. We left at 6:00 AM and arrived at 5:00 pm. -There was quite a few hills including:
Bunny hill (Beginner)

(Family hill)

Black diamond
(Advanced) When? WonderLand - We went to Canadas wonderland at the end of grade six. - We had six people in our group. -In my group there was Sukhvir,Nedin,Manjinder,Nolan,ben and me.

- We went on alot of rides including:
stunt coaster,Canadian mine buster,The fly,Timber wolf falls and Wild beast. -My family and friends went camping on June 30 2012 and arrived back at July 3rd. - We went swimming,had watergun fights,ate smores and played soccer. - I had an awesome summer! My Hobbies My hobbies include: - Listening to music (Rap and dubstep) -Playing ps3 (fps games) -Riding my bike (bmx) -- -Swimming,basketball My Dr.Dre beats :) Now that's a bike! My thought's about grade 7 -Im looking forward to grade 7 and all the awesome stuff in grade 7. -I hope this year is more awesome than what you just saw and heared. Thank you for listening to my presentation,im pretty sure you enjoyed it. Ben was here, nice picture of the LEWHYATHAN! -Cooking One of my master pieces! Looking good lil sister! My little sister -In 2008 my little sister was born -The reason I chose to talk about her instead of my other sibilings is because she annoys me the least. This is a picture of her when she was 2. DUBSTEP IS EPIC :) I got my ps3 in grade 6
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