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The Media Institution

No description

Marianna Kyriakides

on 9 February 2015

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Transcript of The Media Institution

When researching for channels to support our film, we looked at the shows in which they air and thye genre they are. We found that
airs shows that are thriller/drama/mystery and crime based-which fits our genre. The shows in which they air are Revenge, Scandal, How to get away with murder and on
abc Family
Pretty Little Liars.

TV channels to support our film
Story plot- four friends face turmoil as an anonymous foe threatens to reveal their darkest secrets, meanwhile trying to find out the mystery behind their friends murder.
Genre- Drama, mystery, thriller
Pretty Little Liars (similar shows)
Twitter- We decided to make a twitter page for our film to get a wider range of people to look at our film.
Tumblr- In order to track our journey for the final task we did this by making a blog of our journey and what we have discovered.

The Media Institution
Marianna Kyriakides
Social Websites
Total Film

Empire magazine is one of the
leading movie magazines to
preview new movies, have the
latest news about movies etc.

Suitable Magazines
Revenge (similar shows)
writer's commentary
Story plot-This show is about a young woman seeking revenge on the people who wronged her father.
Genre- Drama, thriller, mystery

Story plot- a pair detectives investigate stalkers in Los Angeles.
Genre- drama, thriller.
CBS based T.V show
Stalker (similar shows)
Total Film magazine is a guide to upcoming
movies-just like Empire, however Empire is
more popular amongst movie fans.
black and white intro
For our inspiration we looked at movies with similar features.
Se7en- This movies is thriller based which fits our genre as we did not want to do a horror movie. Also the opening sequence helped us develop our one with the credits and layout of them.
Sin City-For this movie it had the theme of black and white which we liked as it kept the class of the movie and did not follow the stereotypical conventions of a thriller/horror.
Dead Again- With this movie it had the theme of black and white then going into colour, which we liked and decided to add to our opening sequence.
With CBS we found it aired similar shows to our film, which would link to the genre such as Stalker.This show is a thriller, drama- which fits our film's genre.

We chose American companies to represent our film as we found the shows in which they air have similar qualities and genre to our film.

TV channels to support our film
Dead Again
Sin City
Se7en opening sequence
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