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Should cell phones be aloud during class?

No description

Patrick Vickers

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of Should cell phones be aloud during class?

Should cell phones be allowed during class?
Cell phones should be allowed in school
Cell phones should not be allowed in school.
Pros to having a cell phone in class.
Having cell phones in class will prepare students for real world jobs.
In many real jobs you will have to use a cell phone.
In case of an emergency
Many things can happen at school and it is good to be able to call home/someone that will help
If you were hurt or if there is a threat, you could call your parents or some one to help you.
To teach responsibility
Students in school should know when and when not to use their cell phone.
Letting them have their cell phone will let them learn to be responsible by using it at the right time.
This will also teach students to not lose things.
Academic Help
When you are at school there is always something that you struggle with. Having a phone will help you get to understand the work you are struggling with.
If you let kids have their phone they can look up more things about the subject so they understand the concept better.
Cons to having a cell phone at school
Distraction during class
Students can be distracted by looking at their phone and not at their work.
Without a phone there would be no distraction and students would do their work, pay attention, and learn more.
Wrong or illegal usage
Student could look up things that they shouldn't be looking up at school if they have their phone.
Student could use their phones to find help, or do things that they should not be doing.
Phones could also be used to cheat on tests.
Sonja Lyubomirsky, Laura King, Ed Diener. Kwik Boost. WWW.Kwikboo St.com/7-reasons-students-allowed-use-cell-phones-school/.2015.February,19,2015
HRF Heath Research funding.Cell Phones in the classroom pros and cons. healthresearchfunding.org/cell-phones-classroom-pros-cons/. March,9,2014. February,19,2015
by Patrick Vickers
Preparation for a real world job
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