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Ah Huat

No description

Ho Jee Ying

on 30 March 2014

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Transcript of Ah Huat

BJIB 3013

Ah Huat White Coffee Classic
Ah Huat is a range of white coffee products that marketed by Power Root (M) Sdn. Bhd
Network Power Root products is Ah Huat White Coffee was first introduced in the country in 2012 and in Singapore a year later.
Network Power Root products is Ah Huat White Coffee was first introduced in the country in 2012 and in Singapore a year later.
It roasted for differing palates like extra rich, classic, low fat, low fat and no sugar added, hazelnut and can sugar flavor and last one is kopi-o flavor.
Background of Power Root Berhad
POWER ROOT (M) SDN. BHD. was founded on 23 July 1999 in Johor Bahru.
It is a leading company to develop and promote herbal energy drinks fortified with two main rainforest herbs:"Tongkat Ali" and "Kacip Fatimah".
These herbs are indigenous to Malaysia and its properties for promoting physical well-being are highly regarded by Malaysians.
POWER ROOT (M) SDN. BHD. is now a subsidiary of a public listed company and named as POWER ROOT BERHAD
Power roots is a company listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad.
Super Charcoal Roasted White Coffee Classic (Super White Coffee Classic)
Nescafe Menu Ipoh White Coffee
House of Quality for Ah Huat White Coffee
FOO HUI LI 220855
LIEW HUI QI 220861
HO JEE YING 221076

Details of House of Quality
What is QFD?
What is the steps for develop house of quality for Ah Huat?
Customer requirements?
Target value/Planned level?
Sales point?
Technical design?
Relationship of technical requirements and customer requirements?
Figure 6.1: Tree diagram of customer requirements for coffee.

Technical Design Element
amount of caffeine
dark roast high-quality beans
sale price
aroma component
aroma intensity
flavor component
flavor intensity
Target Value
Sales Point
Absolute Weight
Prioritize Technical Requirements
Technical requirements of absolute weight and absolute factor.
Relative weight and relative factor of technical requirements.
He always very kind to customers and will greet you with “ Huat Ah!” whenever he serves his coffee.
Ah Huat White Coffee ambassador is our local celebrity Aniu
Because it was very pure and aromatic which satisfied us with the smoother taste.
It contains 30 gram or 1.05oz times 15 sachets in one packet
Weight is about 450 gram.
Ingredient that has been used for making the Ah Huat White Coffee Classic are non-dairy creamer that contains glucose syrup, hydrogenated vegetable oil, sodium caseinate as known as milk protein, stabilizer, emulsifier, anticaking agent (E551), sugar, instant coffee powder and skimmed milk powder.
Price is about RM11.90 each packet
It can make people stay awake for few hours
It contains 140kcal energy
More suitable for those prefers drink coffee and has high cholesterol because it contains 0 milligram which is free from the cholesterol.
Nutrition information such as it contains 5.0 gram of fat, 4.7 gram of saturated fat, 27.0 milligram of sodium, 22.8 gram of carbohydrate, 0 gram of dietary fiber, 13.2 gram of sugars and only 0.8 gram of protein. Moreover, it also contains 2% of calcium and 6% of iron

brand - super
been inspired from the traditional coffee-shop culture in Ipoh,
Introduces in 19th century.
produce a cup of coffee with savor of charcoal roasted to perfection, boosting a robust strong-bodied taste with a titillating aroma
Categories under 3-in-1 white coffee blends
price – RM13 or above/ per pack
Super Charcoal Roasted White Coffee Classic
Brand - Nescafe
introduced in November 2009
let Malaysian people to taste their favorite cup of authentic local coffee anytime and anywhere
produces a cup of comforting and intense aromatic coffee with rich layer of foam, creamy and smoother taste
categories in 3-in-1 white coffee blends
Nescafe Menu Ipoh White Coffee
Price – RM14 – RM15/ per pack
Package colour – dark brown
one pack have 15 sticks
Each sticks has 36gram
Product code – NES101S
Can be prepared in both way =>hot =>cold

each pack has net weight of 600gram
Package color – dark brown
one pack have 15 sachets
Each sachets has 40gram
Product code – SUP101S
Can be prepared in both way => hot =>cold
Advertisement Ah Huat White Coffee
Power Root provide consumers with the ultimate choice of a high quality product.
Concentrated efforts in research and development to develop new and improve existing products have also accelerated its success in the market.
The company was able to quickly establish a stable business foundation and thus, creates a very promising future for the company.
Power Root has many companies in many different countries.
It has many different types of brands which are Alicafe, Per’l café, Alitea, Oligo, Oligo Cereal and the new product which is Ah Huat.

Relationship of technical requirements and customer requirements
Symbol of intercorrelations
amount of caffeine and dark roasted high quality beans are strong association with keeps awake. This means that if Ah Huat White Coffee Classic improves the caffeine, it also needs to improve the quality of the coffee beans.
So, these dimensions will fulfill the customer requirements of “keeps awake”. Amount of caffeine and sale price is negatively related
Ranking of 3 different brands to fulfill customer needs
Customer Importance
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