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Tom Lund

on 15 April 2012

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Transcript of evolution

Charles Robert Darwin
What is evolution
Evolution is where a organism adapts to its surroundings
The people with the theory
went on a five year voyage
South America...
and Australia
studied wildlife on the Galapagos Islands
1000km from the west coast of South America
Found 13 species of finches
only one species lived on the mainland of South America
the diffrent species lived on the Galapagos Islands
which had differently shaped beaks
which suted the food they ate
one had a very strong beak for cracking nuts
another had a thin beak for eating insects
The finches should have evolved from a single species
19th Century
chritisied by french scienticed George Cuvier
Cuvier argued that changes to an individual animal can't be passed to its offspring
Suggested that micro organisms could form from non-living material then evole to a more complex species which eventually resulting in humans
changes happened during an animals lifetime
which passed to its offspring
he explained that herons evolved long legs
individual herons had streached there legs to stay dry when wading in water
this caracteristic will then be passed down to its offspring
which would streach there legs even longer to give there caracteristics to there offspring for even longer legs
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