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Elements of Design - Value

This is one of the Elements of Design.

Allison Longcrier

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of Elements of Design - Value

Is the lightness or darkness of an object – Regardless of it’s color…
Create Movement
Having different values gives the
design a more dynamic appearance.
Lead the Eye
By creating a pattern of dark to light values, even when the objects are equal in shape and size, it leads the eye in the direction of dark to light.

Color has the power to override the effects of value. In a high contrast black and white design, introducing a single, small bit of will change the focus and balance of the design.
Color over Value
Color over Value
High Contrast
Increase/Decrease Contrast
Increase/Decrease Contrast
Choose the value that creates the amount of contrast and effect that you want for your design.
Three Main Uses of Value in Design
Three Main Uses of Value in Design
Increase / Decrease Contrast
Create Movement
Lead the Eye
Elements of Design
Low Contrast
Objects of the same value gives a static design with all objects equal in visual importance.
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