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Social Media Campaign: DC Food Trucks

Social Media: Strategies & Tactics Project (Co-Authors: Perri Haynes, Rachel C White, Jenn Howard, Laura Hartnett, and Allie Redavid)

Joanna Polaski

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Social Media Campaign: DC Food Trucks

The Food Truck Association Questions? Client Background Client’s Mission: “We seek to sustain the well being of our industry, foster a sense of community and work in partnership with the District of Columbia to improve food truck regulations.” DC Food Truck Regulation New Proposed Regulations

Strictest in the country, and would force approximately 50% of DC food trucks out of business.
Proposed regulations would create 23 mobile vending zones
1.) The District Department of Transportation, an unelected agency, would decide the locations.
2.) Food trucks would be subject to a lottery in order to win a space. No other food trucks would be allowed to operate within 500 feet of this space. Current Social Media Presence Inconsistent and insufficient social media presence
Three names:
1.) Food Truck Association of Metropolitan Washington
2.) DC Food Truck Association
3.) DC, Maryland and Virginia Food Truck Association
Three websites:
1.) http://dcfoodtrucks.org/
2.) http://savedcfoodtrucks.org/
3.) http://www.dmvfta.org/ Situation Analysis Competitive Analysis Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington (RAMW) has been pressuring the DC government for some time to increase regulation on food trucks. They are trying to protect the business of brick and mortar stores by making it difficult for the DC food trucks to operate in certain key areas. However, public support is against them and they do not have a strong media or social media presence to argue their case Objectives Objective #1: Raise Money for the DC Food Truck Association Objective #2: Enhance the brand image through social media platforms
It is a known fact that organizations cannot function without a strong financial backing, but what is different about the DC Food Truck Association is that it needs money for grassroots mobilization. DCFTA needs greater funds to pressure the DC city government and counterbalance the influence of RAMW. More money for their efforts would allow more people to be on the ground and spread the message, as well as provide financial resources to hire lawyers and other administrative staff. We want to make clear to possible funders where the money will be going towards. While the DC Food Truck Association is currently active on Facebook and Twitter, its presence needs to be even greater in order to get more people to actually understand what they do, why they are important, and to create more advocates. We must get the image and association into the public’s mind. We can do this through enhancement of logos and promotion of various branding techniques. Objective #3: Create and utilize branded tactics Target Audience Young Professionals Government Workers College Students/Interns Make up a large portion of the DC workforce from food trucks
Important to show this audience the need for food trucks in the DC culture and economy Relies on cheap eats which many food trucks provide
Active on social media
Willing to fight for a cause they believe in Active on various forms of social mediaFood truck regulars on their lunch breaks or at local eventsMany work for the government, non-profits, and the media.
Recently graduated from collegeHas energy to fight for a cause Campaign Summary Paper Napkin with QR Codes Online Petition Digital PR Facebook New, Interactive Website Tumblr Youtube Twitter Kickstarter Strategy To engage with our audience, the Food Truck Association will create content that will inform individuals about the interesting life of the food truck business and reinforce the reasons why everyone loves food trucks.

Additionally, we will provide information on the DC legislation and ways to support the association. This strategy will increase brand awareness and establish an online community of food truck enthusiasts. Implementation of the nine social media tactics outlined will help the DC Food Truck Association achieve greater success. Our overarching goal is:

Raise money for the DCFTA,
Enhance the brand image by enhancing the associated social media platform, and in general
Spread awareness and love for the DCFTA

We believe the DCFTA will meet its objectives of increasing the social media presence if they follow this plan. Implementation will begin in late April - and our strategist will reevaluate its success at the end of the summer.
In August, we will evaluate which platforms are most beneficial in spreading awareness of the DCFTA and what need to do to improve them. Evaluation: Food trucks will offer these “I love food truck” pins for free with customers’ purchases. People who take the pins can place them on their backpacks or wear them on their clothing.
This will promote the cause and show others how popular food trucks are in the DC area.
Cost is low, considering buttons are inexpensive via online ordering. Food trucks will pass these napkins out with customers’ orders. Customers can scan the QR code, which will take them to the DCFTA website. This will encourage social media savvy customers to become engaged with the cause.

Cost will be cheap—creating QR codes is inexpensive and buying napkins is also inexpensive Details #1: Details #2: Details: Creating an online petition on Change.org

Show the D.C. local government the amount of support the Food Truck Association has for its cause

Additional create a page for supports to will make testimonies

It takes very little effort and time to create the petition and/or to sign the petition. People are much more likely to engage in this level of activism than physically giving signatures or attending protests or rallies.

The cost of this petition is free—Change.org hosts the petition for free. Target established DC Bloggers, inviting them to food truck events

Ask bloggers to “Join the Food Truck Team” which let them spend an entire day on a food truck

Live tweeting from food truck will be highly encouraged (#KeepDCTruck)

Bloggers will be allowed to interview food truck owners

Bloggers will also be allowed to create their own food truck dishes and will receive $100 gift card to create their dish Details: Using Facebook to build an online community by implementing the following tactics
1.) Create content that makes followers click “Share”, such as “short food break, better go to my favorite food truck!”
2.) Feature different food trucks and each trucks favorite dishes
3.) Provide first-hand information on new menus
4.) Provide app that locates your favorite food trucks Creating an updated website with more interactive features:
Calls to action (joining the listserv and signing the online Change.org petition),
Information about the proposed regulations
Links to all forms of social media associated with the campaign.

The page will be highly branded with the same color scheme as the logo. This will provide a cohesive nature to the campaign.

Local events will be updated daily in order to get more people involved with the cause. Details: Details: This website will act as a hub for all social media content.
Users may receive online badges to display.
Links to blogs that write about local food trucks will help visitors learn more about the issue. Additionally, press releases and news alerts will be provided in various tabs. Curate relevant images and materials to support the campaign

Spreading love for food trucks and incorporating it into pop culture by enforcing a light hearted and humorous tone:
a. Incorporate memes and GIFs
b. Re-blog and feature related content to food trucks and dishes

This tactic will particularly resonate with the younger demographic as they happen to be on Tumblr at a larger rate than older demographics. Details: Details: Details: Update current Twitter page, providing news updates and locations of foods trucks during popular eating times

The page will promote the campaign’s signature hashtag, #DCFoodTrucks and #KeepOnTruckin

Customers will be encouraged to tweet at the page and the administrator of the account will respond appropriately and in a timely manner

The account will create 6-second Vine videos to post, featuring a specific food truck and satisfied customers eating the product

This tactic will particularly resonate with the younger demographic because Twitter is the social media platform to be on. In anticipation of the meeting on Food Truck regulations, members of the association will strive to raise $10,000 through Kickstarter.

The Kickstarter will illustrate to possible funders where exactly the raised money will go towards. Details: In the mandatory video: Food truckers will be featured
Narrator will explain Mayor Gray’s proposal and why it is important to fight against this legislation Use Youtube's new layout to our advantage, such as creating a welcome video educating visitors about the FCFTA. We hope this will excite visitors to become active with the campaign

Post videos which features a personal interview with a food truck owner. They will also feature customers discussing their favorite foods from the food trucks.

Additionally, post informative clips that describe the proposed food truck regulations in DC.

Comments will be replied to in a timely manner
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