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Marketing PLan

No description

Kim Dave Hernandez

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Marketing PLan

BREADHOUSE INTRODUCTION Their customer base or target market are local residents and tourists who appreciate the concept of freshly baked goods.
Freshly baked products at a reasonable and justifiable price is what Batangueño Breadhouse strives to provide for their customers. A comfortable and convenient atmosphere provides a place where the customer can free themselves from buying the product. Situation Analysis The target market is aimed at health conscious consumers, people who live near the place and the people who worked in or near Barangay Calicanto, Batangas City. 
The bakery also targeted those tourists and bystanders who pass along the way in the barangay. Target Market Market Demographics Residents
Behavior Non Resident Employees
Demographic Tourists
Behavioral Batangueño Breadhouse is over two decades and a year of its operation. The bakery is serving the Brgy. Calicanto community by exploiting the need for a good bread bakery.
It offers a variety of high quality, traditionally and freshly baked in its storefront bakery. It also offers a prompt and friendly service in a clean, comfortable environment.
Batangueño Breadhouse prides itself for their fresh aroma of their breads that fills its establishments and creates a real, appreciated consumer noticeable value that results in dedicated customers. Situation Analysis Batangueño Breadhouse offers the following benefits to its customers:
Customer Service
Pricing Market Needs Health Conscious
Cost of flour is expected to increase
Turn insights into innovative new products
Spend Smarter
Conscientious Consumption
Going Healthy
Food Quality
Selection Market Trends Sales are growing from the year 2009 to year 2011.
The population are also expected to increase over the years.
With the price of flour rising, cost of making bread is increasing.
The company is experiencing growth even there is stiff competition. Market Growth THREATS
Economic downturn
Competitor Response
Competitors having lower prices
Changes in Lifestyle Trends
Competition may Increase
Global Economic Crisis OPPORTUNITIES
Desire for a Healthier Lifestyle
Growing Population
Expansion of the Product Line
Potential to Become a Premiere Food Provider
Future Expansion
Technological Innovation SWOT Analysis
(External Environment Analysis) WEAKNESSES
Bakery products are perishable items
Lack of marketing strategy
Lack of Brand Awareness STRENGTHS
High Quality
Great Location
Large Selection
Excellent Service
Experienced Staff 
Local Goods
Nutritional Content
Family Business
Homemade Recipes
Expertise of the Owner SWOT Analysis
(Internal Environment Analysis) Present Competitors:
Julie’s Bakeshop
98 Bakery
Bakeries within Public Market
Hernandez Bakeshop
Maculot Bakeshop Competition Burger Bun
Hotdog Bun
Pan De Sal
Star Bread
Polka Cookies Tasty
Chiffon Cake
Toasted Bread
Ensaymada Special
Ube Special
Mongo Bread
Choco Crinkles Product Offering Caramel
Cheese Cupkase
Cupcake with Raisins Katol
Spider Cookies
Custard Cake
Egg Pie
Flying Saucer
Pineapple Pie
Pudding Product Offering Hotdog Bread
Pan De Agua
Taysan Cake
Choco Basket Marble Cupcake
Banana Bread
Pan De Coco
Spanish Bread
Cheese Roll
Cheese Bread Product Offering Increasing Peso volume per transaction
Generating Repeat Customers by Satisfaction
Producing Quality Baked Goods
Minimize Expenses Keys to Success Establish itself as the leading bakery in the city
Customer Satisfaction
Market Penetration
Top Management Suport
Human Resource Factors
Increase in Prices Critical Issues Awareness of Batangueño Breadhouse product value must be built to initially attract consumers to try the products
Batangueño Breadhouse will focus on selling those baked goods which are regularly bought by consumers until it experiences enough growth
Heavy sales promotions will be implemented to entice potential consumers Marketing Strategy Batangueño Breadhouse aims to maximize profits, which will be distributed to employees and owners. The company will focus on producing and selling wholesome, nutritious bakery products of high quality. The value of the products is derived from ready-made convenience, and selection, which benefits the customer seeking home-style bakery goods without investing the time and effort to produce their own. Batangueño Breadhouse strives to provide customers with premium priced, high quality products, and outstanding customer service. Mission Increase new customers from referral and word of mouth to be 20% of overall new customers per month. This should be achieved within a year.
Increase the percentage of customers who are returning customers to 10% within six months.
Increase the number of new customers by 50% per month. This should be achieved within two years.
Increase customer awareness of our brand in our target market within one year. Marketing Objectives Generate sales per month to be able to earn profit

Minimize cost and maximize profit

Achieve sales which are sufficient to breakeven Financial Objectives The company’s target market is divided into 3 different segments:
Tourists Target Market Batangueño Breadhouse will position itself as the leading local bakery in Batangas City
It will become the best local source for great selection of different baked products
Competitive edge: freshness and the wholesomeness of the product it offers
Batangueño Breadhouse must emphasize brand recognition, and the quality and health features of our bakery products to position the product in consumers’ mind Positioning Use marketing efforts to attack the competitor in the areas in which they are not serving the market well
The general attack strategy that will be used is the flank attack
The bakery will identify the segment of the market where the competitors are underperforming
The bakery plans to execute an attack by offering clients a superior product, innovative designs, and wider variety of flavors Strategies PRODUCT
(Proposed Startegies)
Product Positioning Strategy
Product Elimination Strategy PRODUCT
(Existing/Current Strategies) Marketing Mix Strategy Value- Marketing Strategy
New Product Strategy
Direct channel of distribution Marketing Mix Strategy PRICING
(Proposed Strategies)
Pricing Strategy to Build A Market PRICING
(Existing/Current Strategy) Marketing Mix Strategy Price Flexibility Strategy
Product Line Pricing Strategy
Penetration Pricing PROMOTION
(Proposed Strategies)
Word of Mouth/Verbal Advertising
Calendars, T-Shirts and Freebies PROMOTION
(Existing/Current Strategies) Marketing Mix Strategy Online Advertisement
Free Taste CUSTOMER STRATEGY (Proposed Strategy) Valuing their customers just like their products
Giving discounts when a customer is buying bulky purchases
Giving freebies and when a customer has reached Php 500.00 in one buying CUSTOMER STRATEGY (Existing/Current Strategies) Marketing Mix Strategy Doing some charitable works
The company named their products according to the culture of the place
They named it on how the customer’s adopt the name of the bread and pastries
Some of the breads are named by their forms and flavors Marketing Mix Strategy Initial Question Results
Store Suggestion Box
Competitive Shopping Marketing Research Implementation Revenue: monthly and Annually
Expenses: monthly and Annually
Number of breads purchased and orders placed
Feedback and comments received from customers
Repeat customers
Customer Satisfaction Controls Business Expansion

Improvement and/or innovation of new products Contingency Planning Daisy De Torres
Person-in-Charge (Night) Mabel Magtibay
Person-in-Charge (Morning)

Rosario and Jorge Abas


Calicanto, Batangas City Marketing Organization (Organizational Structure of Calicanto Branch) Failure to create brand awareness.
Overly aggressive and debilitating actions by competitors.
A parallel entry by a new competitor. There will be an additional capital in expansion of the business.
There is a need to train employees assigned in those specific area.
It is not quite easy to establish the credibility of the firm.
Inability to generate enough demand as expected. Difficulties and Risk
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