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Twenty Facts About the Texas Longhorns Football Team

No description

Lauren Rangel

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Twenty Facts About the Texas Longhorns Football Team

Twenty Facts About the Texas Longhorns Football Team
Fact Two/Three
The Longhorns football team is located in Austin, Texas the State's capitol.
Fact Four/Five
-The fans sing the 'Fight Song' after every TOUCHDOWN!
-The fans are very supportive and dedicated to their team.
Fact Six/Seven
The hand sign is 'Hook Em' Horns'.
It was created by the head cheerleader Harley Clark in 1955.
Fact One
The Universities slogan is "Hook Em' Horns"
State Capitol
Facts Nine/Ten
Mascot: Longhorn
Mascot Name: Bevo
Facts Eleven/Twelve
-Colors worn at the games to support the longhorns are Burnt Orange,White, and Black.
-Football team is in the Big 12.
-The football players have to have their grades in ALL classes above a 83% average.
-They practice for 4-5 hours a day during spring season and 7-8 hours during football season.
By:Lauren Rangel
Facts Thirteen/Fourteen
-Won a total of 8 out of 12 games in year 2013.
-Mack Brown no longer coaches for the longhorn team as of year 2013.
facts fifth-teen/sixteen
-In 2013 they were invited to the Alamo Bowl and lost against the Oregon Ducks.
-They are usually always invite to a in state bowl game.
Facts Seven-teen/Eight Teen
-Former head Coach Mac Brown has been with UT since 1998.
-He is currently backed down from head coach.
Facts Nine-teen/Twenty
-Best player in year 2012 was quarterback Colt McCoy.
-His younger brother is now on the Longhorn football team.
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