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No description

Jenna Gabor

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of China

Jenna Gabor
China's Capital:
Government type:
Content of China :
communist state
more than 1.3 billion
1,336,718,015 people in mid 2011
Great Wall of China
more than 13,170 mi. long
it is 15 provinces across
it wraps around deserts, grasslands, mountains, and plateaus
been up for over 2,000 years.
some pieces disappeared
was built for protection
longest man made structure
some parts were made out of stone and wood
they still keep building on to it
Hong Kong, Disneyland
Sleeping Beauty Castle
Space Mountain
Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster
Jungle River Cruise
Raft's to Tarzan's Treehouse
Garden of Wonders
Toy Story Land (ex: Toy Soilder Parachute Drop, & Slinky Dog Spin
" The Lights"
Hong Kong, China
gets dark
Lights are called "ambient lights"
the building were designed for show
New Year's Day- Jan. 1
Spring Festival- Jan. 31-Feb.6
May Day- May 1.
Mid Autumn Day - Aug 15
National Day- Oct. 1-3
Lantern Day- Feb. 14

Spring Festival:

most important holiday, it celebrates family reunion, dumplings & fish are a very special dish at this festival.

Lantern Festival:

many activities and customs are placed for all ages, (lanterns, firework, riddles, dances, eating food
This tradition started in 1644
Mid Autumn Festival:
aka the "Moon Festival." because every year when the Chinese have it the moon is at is roundest and fullest. it starts on Sep. 6-8. Its a time for peek traveling
summers are hot and dry
winters are freezing
plenty of rain sometimes flooding.
one of the countries with the greatest wildlife, more than 6,266 that are vertebrates (10% of the world total) more than 3, 862 fish, more than 100 wild animals. (giant panda, golden haired monkey, tigers, blacked eared pheasant, white flag dolphin, chinese alligator...)
one of the countries with the most abundant plant life in the world, more than 3,200 species of higher plants, 7,000 woody plants, ( China fir, Golden larch, Dove tree...) more than 2,000 edible plants, over 3,000 medical plants
land use
mostly farming; sometimes mining
over 100,000 farmers
2003 they had 7,343,000 acres of farm land
11.1 was garden land, 234 million was forest land
baby corn, bamboo shoots, herbs, snake gourds, beans, hot/sweet pepper, herbs, tomatoes,
many more.....
the Shang dynasty masteredthe production of bronze
1600 b.c.
221 b.c.
Qin Sin unifies china and becomes its s first emperor
during the Ming dynasty painting and potery became very popular.
China and western nations battled over trade issues
civil war breaks out in China
millions of people die of starvation
China regains control of Hong Kong
begjin holds the XXIX Olympian
China, U.S, Australia, and Canada established the carbon storage leadership.
national assessment report on climate change published
China's actions on climate change so it has to be revised and published annually
national-mid and long-term planning for Key S&T infrastructure construction started.
scientific timeline
history timeline
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artist: Leo Hai
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