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The electric bell is a mechanical bell that functions with

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on 17 November 2013

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Transcript of The electric bell is a mechanical bell that functions with

The electric bell
The electric bell is a mechanical bell that functions with the use of an electromagnet.When current is applied a clanging or buzzing sound is produced.These are widely excited in schools,telephones and doorbells. Although with the tech boom these are now being replaced with electronic sounders. (loudspeakers for example)

There are varying types of bells some are:
Single Strokes
Fire alarms
A transformer is an electric device that uses inductive coupling and its winding circuits to transfer electrical energy. A varying current creates a vary in magnetic flux when passing through the primary winding in the transformer's core and then into the secondary winding. Electromotive forces or voltages are induced by the flux in the secondary winding.
Transformers also vary in sizes when it comes to specific usage, from thumbnail sized in microphones to huge units weighing tons that are connected in the powergrids. When it comes to utilization of this electrical energy transformers are most important.

AC generator
This device turns mechanical energy into electrical energy, it forces the current through an external circuit.Some sources of mechanical contributing energy are steam turbine engines, water falling through a water wheel and a handcrank.Almost all power for power are created via these alternators.
Electrical workshop
Assignment 2
The electric bell
AC generator
how it works-
a hammer, a temporary magnet along with coiled wires are connected. When current is applied to the circuit it travels through the wire along the magnetic coil making the magnet active and moving the hammer to hit the bell.

The Alternator-
These produce current with frequencies that are based on the rotational speed of the rotor and amount of magnetic poles present.
Automotive generator frequencies vary due to engine
speeds.These frequencies are then converted to DC by a rectifier.Alternators used in the powergrids are mostly operated at high frequencies.Devices such as fluorescent lamps do not need constant feed, although devices like wall clocks do require constant frequencies.
A typical alternator uses a winding rotating field with direct current and a stator that produces the ac.If an alternator is placed among other alternators in a larger electric grid it will dynamically operate with the present frequency on the grid and a coinsiding speed to frequency ratio.Aleternators continue spinning even if no driving power is applied.
Secondary voltage is Es=Vs,this is given as a proportion of the primary, Vp=Ep.

Vp/Vs = Ep/Es = Np/Ns = a

voltage ratio winding ratio

They differentiate in these ratios respectively in step-up and step-down transformers.

There are more windings around the primary than the seconday in a step-down transformer and vice-versa for the step-up.
by Mark A. Ramloagn
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