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Ch. 32 Geography and the Development of Rome

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Ashley Ayala

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Ch. 32 Geography and the Development of Rome

Who are Romulus and Remus?
Photos of Ancient Rome:
What did Romans feel about slave fighting?
What type of art did mans mostly do?
Romans mostly made pottery, paintings, sculptures, and buildings because that kind of art, is what they were good at! Some of their paintings, sculptures, and pottery represented their history, or their tradition. They made these things to show what they had been through They made some of their art from their games, history, and traditions. They also thought it would be more interesting by putting their background into art instead of books. They still put their background into art they still put some of it into books.
Romulus and Remus are the creators of Rome in ancient Rome myths. They found Rome the when their father Mars (Roman God) try to drown them because he thought they would someday take over his thrown or spot. They then grew up and started to create Rome, but Romulus is most likely the ruler. He killed his brother to be the leader of Rome, he wanted it to be named after him. That is why it is named Rome. It was named after him, Romulus. Romulus.

How many slaves were killed each year?
Romans felt honorable to their great Roman king. Even the slaves that were chosen to die to serve their Roman king at the after life were honorable. They wanted the people who lived to have a great life. Slaves were so honorable to their king because they thought about the other people who would be here. They wanted them to live happily and without danger but that is life you cant change it.
1 to 2 hundred slaves were killed in slave fighting!!!!
Romans did slave fighting to give their Roman king slaves in the after life. They thought the king would tell the gods to give them good things like rain and sun for their crops or good days for their children. So the Romans could live happily. They also were very generous and honorable to their king. They would always be honorable to their king so when they die they would die happily and full of a helpful past.
How did the Etruscan and Greeks influence the development of Rome?
Ashley Ayala's Project :)
Romans copied some of Greek culture to create their own religion and culture. They had some ideas for their own culture but they needed to make it a little different (interesting). They also needed a mythical fantasy for their own religion like the Greeks did. Some of the Romans thought it would only be fair to have some differences to religions and some wanted a bit of the same. This is why some religions are the same.

Zeus ( Greek God) beacme Jupiter (Roman God)

Why did Romans do slave fighting?
About 1 to 2 hundred slaves were killed each year to honor their king and to rule him in the after life. They also died for their king to thank for ruling them and to get good things in their lives like harvest and seasons and more. They needed their lives to be stable yet normal for everyone. This is what they believed to keep their lives stable. They didn't care of the pain of others, they needed to live.

These are some sculptures, gods, buildings, and games of Rome!
There are a couple of things that Etruscans did to influence the development of Rome. The most influential thing was the alphabet. Rome adopted the Etruscans alphabet. Etruscans were responsible for their outstanding building program that the Romans adopted. Romans also adopted their dress style. The Romans liked the Etruscans choice of style and religion.
Why did Romans copy some of Greek culture?
How did the Roman building k
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