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Florida Dreamers Fund

No description

Gabrielle Fonrouge

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Florida Dreamers Fund

Florida Dreamers Fund
Send donor letters, collect money and fundraise, fundraise, fundraise!
Launch website and bank account
What worked?
Finalize relationship with SWER

Immigration reform act loophole
Path to citizenship for Florida Dreamers
Must attend college
Scholarship Program
A story of collaboration and mutual interest
Why Dr. Carey?
Personality (fun, outgoing, outspoken, fearless)
Mutual interest (Latin American issues)
Intuition (If you feel a connection, go for it!)
Comfortable environment during meetings
Great space to share ideas
Questions, questions, questions
Writing a list of ? and bringing it to meetings
Making a to-do list
What Could Be Improved
Realistic Goals (both very busy)
Timelines (set of deadlines)
Set meeting and check-in times (she can't chase after me, my responsibility to set times)
Pick someone you're comfortable with
Don't hold back how you feel, what you want to do
Ask as many questions as possible, there should be no stupid questions in this relationship so do not hold back anything
Explain where you want your project to go, why you want it to go there and what your end goal is
Be OPEN and HONEST and ask as many QUESTIONS you can!
Next Steps
To: Rich People
From: FDF
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