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Emma Map

No description

Zoey Dodge

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Emma Map

Emma Beautiful
Confident Characters! Mr. George Knightley smart
Loving Harriet dim witted
mutable mr. woodhouse foolish
rich as can be
Mr. Elton a jerk
Mrs. Elton Vulgar
talkative Emma Mr. Frank Churchill spoiled
extremely handsome
knows how to make people smile Mrs. and Mr. Weston Kind
loving Miss and mrs. Bates talkative
Jane Fairfax Lovely
poor Mr. and Mrs. John Knightley foolish
Mr. Woodhouse's other daughter Mr. Martin Loving
modest PLOT! Emma the matchmaker Emma tries multiple times to set other people up, because it is an enjoyable pastime, for her at least. She loves to meddle in other people's businesses. Elton is Scandalous! Emma tries to set Mr. Elton up with Harriet, and as far as she and Harriet see it, Mr. Elton is verymuch interested in Harriet. Little do they know, that Mr. Elton is only being nice to Harriet to get to Emma. When harriet was sick, she missed an extravagent party. on the way home from the party, Mr. Elton and Emma rode home together. Elton decided to make his move on emma, and was promptly rejected. Frank and Jane, sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g! Frank Churchill loves to torment Miss Jane Fairfax. From talking about the piano she has recieved to spelling out governess when playing a word game, it seems that he just loves to mess with her head. When Mrs. Churchill, Frank's aunt, dies, Jane and Franks big secret comes out! They've been secretly engaged for quite some time now! The only reason they've waited so long to tell is because Mrs. Churchill would not have approved. It truely is a happy ending for them. Emma? Arrogant? Of course not! Throughout the majority of the book, Emma has had a big head. She thinks he knows what will be right for people, when, honestly, she doesn't. Quite frequently, Mr. George Knightly points out to the young beauty where she is wrong. At the picnic, Emma decides to say something harmless but none the less callous about miss bates. this throws Knightly over the edge and he openly scoulds emma for this. being mortified, emma realizes that she quite conceited.
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