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Cartel Corruption/Awareness

No description

Kristyan Calletor

on 27 July 2015

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Transcript of Cartel Corruption/Awareness

Drug Cartel
Cartel Awareness
Prostitution is a billion dollar business controlled by Cartels who manipulate young people into an underground sex industry. Many are forced against their will and are forced to work for their lives. Many parts of the world are notorious for this service such as Thailand and Europe. Although many countries already regulate prostitution there are still many that do it illegally. This can lead to the violations of human rights and freedoms; women are abused and raped, there is no age limit for consent and the service does not contribute to the country as a whole (taxes). Most people in this industry cannot get help because they are imprisoned by the gangs/cartels. Prostitution is a global issue that needs to be addressed before more lives are lost and scarred.
Cartels use specific weaponry for terror attacks or to protect their produce such as drugs. Cartels buy weapons to intimidate law enforcement or rival groups. A cartel can have a system of weapon distribution to its members. Inexpensive weapons that can be made cheaply such as the AK platform, are given to low ranked members or "grunts". More expensive and higher performance weapons are considered elite, and are given to leaders of a division to clearly identify that the group is controlled. Weapons can be smuggled from different countries. In the Mexican Drug War, weapons are obtained at gun shops in the United States, they are then smuggled into Mexico across the US-Mexico border. Weapons show power and money which is why it is important to own as much as possible.
Sex Trafficking Service
Distribution of Drugs
Illegal Transportation of Weapons
What is a Cartel?
Prostitution, illegal distribution of drugs and use of weaponry are key components of how cartels function to gain money and power. Money always equals power whether a person's intentions are morally right or wrong; Cartels control entire industries. Cartels contribute to worldwide deaths every year, illegal transportation of drugs, violations on human rights and the list goes on. If these activities/services were regulated our world would be a lot more safe.
Quick Fact
Justice Department figures, 94,000 weapons were recovered from Mexican drug cartels in the five years between 2006 and 2011, of which 64,000 -- 70 percent -- come from the United States.
Quick facts
Drug money is usually any cartel's primary source of money. Vast networks of farming, processing and selling are incorporated in the business. This drug market is in control of supply and must meet demand to various clients. Some clients also buy in bulk to re-sell the drugs. Mexico is well known for cocaine in several forms and large amounts of marijuana. Heroine is most commonly farmed and processed in western Africa, brought over to South America by boat.
Thank You
- an association of manufacturers or suppliers with the purpose of maintaining prices at a high level and restricting competition.
India is often cited as the original home of cannabis. With documented use of it dating back thousands of years it’s widely believed that India may have been the native home of all cannabis strains.
Widely grown in many of the northern regions and territories, cannabis and marijuana seeds are still widely used and even sold in government run stores for the use in religious rituals.

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