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Copy of Welcome to 7th grade Civics class! My name is Ms. Wengert, a

No description

christina louis

on 28 September 2017

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Transcript of Copy of Welcome to 7th grade Civics class! My name is Ms. Wengert, a

Ms. Louis' Students Supplies
Wish List
Wish List
Wish List
8TH GRADE US History Ms. Christina Louis
Welcome Glades Parents!!! Thank you for making time!
Prong Folder with paper.
Pens, Pencils, Markers Color Pencils.
Student Flash Drive

Good To Know
Again welcome to my class! Thank you for coming!

What am I interested in?
Projects: Arts & Crafts
Music: all kinds, played the flute/the piano.
Spending time with family and friends
Ms. Louis
Step 1
Classroom Norms
Always be respectful to teacher and others.
Be on time & ready to work when the bell rings.
Keep your work neat and organized.
Never Be Less Than Your Best!
Contact me

Announcements Emergencies
Never go MIA!!!!

Agenda should be filled out as soon as you come in.
Homework should be turned in on time.
If not - it will be an Zero until you turn it in. I will then grade it, (like it was turned in on time) subtract 10 points for everyday late, & that will be your grade.
Absences: you have 2 days for every day your absent to make up work. (for full credit)
New Textbooks

Textbook are available online also.
Prong Folder
Hand Sanitizer
Copy Paper
Lysol Wipes

Baby Wipes
Expo Markers
Printer with INK
Class Rules
1. Be on time.
2. Be prepared for class.
3. Be polite.
4. Be prompt.
5. Be empty-mouthed.

Entering: Please enter the classroom with proper decorum. You may talk quietly,
but please do not be disruptive. When the bell rings signaling the beginning of the
period, be working on your warm up assignment. Have all materials ready!
Seating Chart
There will be an assigned seating chart for class.
All students are expected to be in their assigned seats, unless directed otherwise.
Seating charts will be changed periodically. If you have a problem with your assigned seat, please talk to me privately, and it will be taken into consideration.
The bell does NOT dismiss students.

Projects are an integral part of the US history Alive curriculum. It is my effort to include a variety of types of projects to allow each student an opportunity to exhibit his/her strengths, as well as explore new ways of attacking class information. Types of projects may include written papers, oral reports, group presentation, multimedia (computer, video, etc.), and artistic drawing/sculpture/poetry/song) presentations. Project requirements and grading procedures will be included with each project’s description sheet.
Teaching for 12 years
History Bachelors
Education Masters
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