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Martha E. Rogers

The Science of Unitary Beings

Jennifer Belk

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Martha E. Rogers

Foundation: Critique: 4 Metaparadigms: Verification of Concepts: Contributions: The Science of Unitary Beings Definition of nursing:
combination of science and art
Focus on human beings in Wholeness
Nursing Diagnosis
Nursing Interventions
Union of theory and practice Born: May 12th 1914
1937 Public Health Nursing
Masters Teacher’s College, Columbia University
Graduate degree: Public Health Johns Hopkins University Purpose of the theory
Assumptions Martha E. Rogers The Science of Unitary Beings Completed Works: Martha E. Rogers: In the Life 1961 Educational Revolution in Nursing
1964 Reveille in Nursing
1970 An Introduction to the Theoretical Basis of Nursing Human Beings: Nursing: Patterned
Pandimensional energy field Environment: Integrality of human and environment field
Unitary human being:
Pandimentional energy field Health: Expression of life Facilitate well being Pandimentional energy Field: Pattern: Openness: Distinguishing characteristic of an energy field perceived as a single wave Diversity of the energy fields and the freedom to change A nonlinear domain without constraints Resonancy: How change takes place Helicy: Nature of change Integrality: Process for change to take place Homeodynamics: (Theory -Practice Link) Electrical nature of energy fields
Man - Relationship with environment
Mathwig's Investigations
Downs: maternal stress and fetal development
Felton: abrupt changes in social routines Research
Downs: maternal stress and fetal development
Felton: abrupt changes in social routines
Faginis: rooming in for mothers
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