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chinese martial arts

martial arts in china

raven wilson

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of chinese martial arts

Chinese Mixed Martials Arts
By Raven Wilson There is one type of chinese martial arts, it is called kung fu, or it isa also referred to as wushu The term wushu literally means martial arts. Wu means military, or martial, and shu means skill or method. This martial arts was created, because Xia dynasty
needed a way of self defense for hunting techniques
and for trainning the military. Martial arts has been practiced by all of the dynasties as military trainning and also for religious purposes. Martial arts was also practiced by shaolin monks, as a main part of their life style. The monks also practiced armed combat which later became a famous practice. They used staffs as their only weapons. Some of the more famous styles you may have heard of all originated from the chinese martials ats, like the five animals, ao praying mantis. There are 8 main parts of chinese martials arts. 2. Stances 1. Basics The basics are the most important part. A student cannot progress without them. They consist of simple techniques, or movements that are preformed repeatedly. Stances are the way you stand when you are fighting they are the foundation of your fight, if you don't have a fighter who can stay on his feet and move in the right way, then they are not going to last long. 3. Meditation Meditation is very important to a martial artist, it allows the fighter to clear his mind, and focus more easily. 4. Qi Qi or Chi is a persons inner energy, or often referred to as the life force. People refine and strenghten their qi by doing physical or mental exercises. It is believed that once you have mastered your qi you can focus it into a fight and strengthed your attack, or you can use it to heal youself, or another person.
5. Weapons Training There are many weapons one can use when fighting, but in order to use then to their fullest extent they have to thought of as an extention of your body. weapons are also used to condition the body during training, or help with balance and coordination. 6. Application Application is how well you can utilize your knowledge, in order to be able to preform martial arts you drill and train as often as possible. You also spar in order to apply your skills in a real fighting situation. 7. Competion In a competion the fighters are sparring the objective is to knock your opponent off the mat any way possible. Now in modern martial arts there are rules in place to reduce the risk of seriosly injuring your opponent. 8. Forms Forms are used so students can learn set motions and be able to flow from one technique into another. They were originaly taught to preserve a specfic style. Eventually forms will biuld up a fighters flexibility, speed stamina, stength, balance, and coordination. If there was only one part of chinese culture left, chinese martial arts
would be the best to perserve.
kung fu is important, because it
teaches disipline as well as self
control. kung fu has been practiced
through out the ages in china, as a
way of training in the military.
The shoalin monks also practiced it
as a way to stay calm, and also as a way to protect the temple from attack. so my topic would be benificial to keep around.
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