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KSU Thinking about Wikipedia in Academia

No description

Alex Stinson

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of KSU Thinking about Wikipedia in Academia

Academia and Digital Spaces
Thinking about Wikipedia in Academia: GLAM, Education and Encyclopedia 2.0
Alex Stinson (stinsoad@ksu.edu)
Wikipedia User:Sadads
Ex. Libraries, Archives, Museums, Digital Collections, Library digital collections
Ex. Exhibits, scholarly journal publications
Ex. Knowledge experts, academics, students.
Functioning like traditional academic spaces
Create a Storehouse of resources useful for future work in the field
Interpret those resources so that they become more useful for broader communities
Present the interpretation to the members of the community so that they can be better informed and make better analysis
The World Wide Web
"Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge. That's what we're doing." - Jimmy Wales
Encyclopedia in 288 languages (4.3 Mill. articles in English, 27.4 Mill articles in total (June) )
All projects are built by thousands of volunteers (~85-90,000 active contributors per month) but supported by 167 staff plus ~50 staff in chapters
British Museum 2010
German Federal Archives (Deutsches Bundesarchiv) -100,000 images 2007-2008
3 months
Editathons, engaging volunteers
image donations
Hoxne Hoard Challenge (24 hours)
100s of other articles, all linking back to the British museum
Other GLAM Projects
Children's Museum in Indianapolis - Junior Archivists
British Library - Editing Events
Smithsonian Archive of American Art - Editathons and Image upload, focuses on undercovered areas (Women Artists)
WikiProject Medicine
National Institute of Health
Translators without Borders
William Blake Archive
The Beach!

“If Wikipedia is becoming the family encyclopedia for the twenty-first century, historians probably have a professional obligation to make it as good as possible. And if every member of the Organization of American Historians devoted just one day to improving the entries in her or his areas of expertise, it would not only significantly raise the quality of Wikipedia, it would also enhance popular historical literacy.”
- Roy Rosenzweig, GMU
Wikipedia:Education program
Expert knowledge, student manpower
Over 300 classes supported,
complete set of training materials
Class management tool in Wikipedia
Training for Support Personnel, Ambassadors
Work with other Wikimedia projects and materials other then research projects
Translations (Various language Wikipedias)
Image and Illustration projects (Wikimedia Commons and Wikipedia)
Wikipedia and Quality
Verifiability and Notability
1.0 Assessment Scheme ( Wikipedia:1.0 )
WikiProject Military History ( Wikipedia:MILHIST )
World War I Coverage
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