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Should People Be Allowed to Own Pit Bulls

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Emily S

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Should People Be Allowed to Own Pit Bulls

Should People Be Allowed to Own Pit Bulls? My Opinion I think people should be
allowed to own pit bulls. The Problem Pit bulls have a reputation of being vicious, mean dogs. Stereotypes claim they are human aggressive. Though some people believe this, the stereotypes are totally untrue. Pit bulls are loving and loyal pets. My View I don't feel that this is fair to the pit bulls. I think that most people are weary of these dogs just because of their looks.
The dogs are muscular and they can look intimidating
to some people. But to me, they are no more
intimidating than a Chihuahua. it is similar
to a
tall and muscular person getting shunned
from society. My View I don't think pit bulls are understood in our society today. They are just as lovable an gentle as any other dog. I think their muscular build is what may intimidate some people. It is not fair to the dogs. Pit bulls scored higher than a border collie
on a temperament test. It's true! Pit bulls scored 83.4% while the border collie scored 79.6%. Do these scores surprise you? While both these scores are good, it just proves what a great temperament pit bulls have. Pit Bulls are NOT human aggressive. As a breed, pit bulls are friendly and loyal towards humans. Of course there will be some dogs will behavioral issues. Aren't there humans with behavioral issues? What's the difference? Pit Bulls were not bred to fight. Actually, they were bred to gently hold the nose of a bull while the owner works with the bull. The dogs did this so the person would not get mauled by a bull. Then, people turned it into a bloody sport where the pit bull and the bull would fight. When this was outlawed, all human aggressive pit bulls were shot. But now, some people illegally train pit bulls to fight. When they feel the dogs are ready, they put them into a ring with another dog to fight to death. If caught, all aggressive dogs will be euthanized. The trainer/owner of the dog will get a fine and possibly jail time. Why do the dogs lose their life, while the owners lose a couple hundred bucks and maybe a few months of freedom? Solutions You can help. Adopt a pit bull! You can also spread the word. They are loving and gentle pets. Most importantly, love pit bulls. Don't stereotype, give them a chance. They're not the monsters.We are.
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