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Swiss Family Robinson

No description

Alhedo Goc

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Swiss Family Robinson

Johann Davis Wyss Johann David Wyss Characters Exposition The Swiss Family Robinson started as an extended bedtime story he told his sons. The story Robinson Crusoe, by Daniel Defoe in 1719, inspired Johann's idea of a shipwrecked family. Johann wanted to teach his four children morals and values of family life. Therefore, he wrote about a family just like theirs. He didn't live to publish the book. When the book was published by his son, people were very excited about the book. This is the only book he wrote. The family's name in the book isn't actually "Robinson", it is not a Swiss name; the "Robinson" of the title refers to Robinson Crusoe. The entire book is written in the Father's point of view. Rising Action Swiss Family Robinson Writing Swiss Family Robinson Climax The falling action is when Jenny's dad's (Colonel Montrose) ship comes to the island on a rescue mission, and he finds the family and offers to take them home. William Zermatt - The father. He is the narrator of the story and leads the family. He knows a lot of information on everything from plants to hunting, demonstrating bravery and self-reliance.
Elizabeth - The mother. She is intelligent and resourceful, arming herself even before leaving the ship.
Fritz - The oldest of the four boys, he is 16. Fritz is intelligent; he is the strongest and accompanies his father on many quests.
Ernest - The second oldest of the boys, he is 14.Ernest is the most intelligent, but is very lazy.
Jack - The third oldest of the boys, 8 years old. He is thoughtless, bold, and the quickest of the group.
Franz - The youngest of the boys, he is 6 years old when the story opens. He usually stays home with his mother.
Jenny Montrose - An English girl found on Smoking Rock near the end of the novel. She is shy but soon is adopted into the family. Johann David Wyss was born March 4, 1743 in Bern, Switzerland. He lived in Bern for most of his life, but in his early twenties, he served as a military priest, traveling around Europe with a Swiss regiment. He was also very religious and devoted his life to the Church. He later got married and had four sons. His eldest son, Johann Rudolf Wyss, published The Swiss Family Robinson is 1812. Wyss also had a detailed knowledge of geography, botany, and wildlife, which helped him write Swiss Family Robinson. His main job was as a pastor in his home town. He then retired in 1803, and went to his country home, where he grew fruit and kept bees. He died January 11, 1818. The beginning of the story takes place on a big ship in the 1780's. The family Zermatt are in the hold of a sailing ship, during a storm that is lasting for many days. The ship runs gets stranded on a reef, and the family learns the ship's crew has taken a lifeboat and abandoned them. The ship survives the night, and the family finds themselves within sight of a tropical island. Over the next few weeks they make several trips back to the ship, to empty materials, and harvest rigging, planks, and sails. They construct a small house on the island, and the ship eventually breaks up in a storm. The ship's cargo of livestock, dogs, guns & powder, carpentry tools, books, and provisions have survived. The family builds a raft, gathers livestock and the most valuable supplies, and paddles to the island, where they set up a temporary shelter. They also run into many problems (such as them almost getting attacked, having a hard time getting across a river, or when pirates came to the island and tried to take the whole family captive.), and start to like and get to know the island. The father and older boys explore various environments around the island, discover many different plants and animals, and build a large tree house. Falling Action Denouement The denouement in the novel is when a Colonel Montrose comes and the family has to decide whether they want to go to England or stay on the island. Fritz and Franz decide to go to England and the rest of the family decides to stay on the island. Three other passengers that were on the boat decide to stay with the family. The climax of the story is when while sailing the rock around the island's coast, they discover an English girl hiding from pirates. Fritz helps her, and finds out her name is Jenny Montrose, and brings her to join the family.
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