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Becoming a JEDI Padawan at Disneyland

JEDI Training Academy

Rene Alcala

on 8 May 2011

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Transcript of Becoming a JEDI Padawan at Disneyland

Becoming a JEDI Padawan at Disneyland Enter Disneyland Attend a Training session Be Prepared Getting in a quick workout before the
show begins sure helps. The best way to be chosen as an apprentice JEDI Padawan is
to show up early and have an outfit worthy of a JEDI-in-training.
Standing out from the rest is key to being chosen. Having anything
JEDI-esque is sure to catch the trainer's eye, helping you to be seen
and picked from all other potential Jedi Padawans. Be Chosen Practice makes perfect After being chosen it is important
to use the force and practice any
of the JEDI skills you may know. The more support the better.
A Jedi is part of a strong family Be one with The Force Defeat The Dark Forces Be One with the Universe Protect Mankind
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