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Apple Keynote

No description

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Apple Keynote

Apple Keynote
Here's a short demo using just some of keynote's most popular features; voice over, record presentation, added background music, and unique transitions and effects.
Record Your Slideshow
Use your Keynote presentation to make professional looking videos for your business, classroom, or other organization.
Functions & Features
Themed Designs
Themed designs can dictate the look
and feel of your presentation.
Choose from over 40 standard themes or download more presentation templates online.
Moving from point to point during a presentation can often lead a bored audience by overusing dull visuals.

With Keynote you can not only add normal transitions such as dissolves, wipes, and stripes. You can also add many other effects such as sparkle/shimmer, twist, and anagram.

Use Keynote's Alpha tool to insert a picture and remove the background making your image part of your presentation.
(Tutorials & Source found at:
Pros & Cons
Despite the fact that you can open Keynote presentations in powerpoint most unique functions will be lost in the transition. Keynote itself will only run on MacOS and not Windows.
Creates professional and sleek presentations; beautiful themes, smooth transitions, and fun effects.
Keynote's layout is recognizable and easy to navigate. Drag-and-drop functionality is widely used throughout the software. Features are simple to access with just the click of a clearly-labeled button. Others are easy to spot in the drop-down menus.
Keynote’s designers have made it the most widely compatible slide show presentation application. Keynote is capable of opening and saving documents as Microsoft files, something that few (if any) other products can do.
Keynote can be used specifically for all your presentation needs; whether it be for business, school, or extra curricular affiliations.
Keynote presentation software can be used for high quality, low budget commercials.
Keynote can be used to teach a lesson to students in classrooms.
And if a MAC is available, Keynote can be much more cost efficient than it's top competitor, Powerpoint.
Keynote can also be used to take up space in your computer, or other devices including smart phones and tablets.
How Keynote can be used
What is Keynote?
Keynote is...
Keynote is not...
Keynote is a powerful slide by slide, transition based, presentation software developed by Apple Inc. in 2003.
Moms home cooking.
Keynote is simple and easy to use because it is easy to navigate.
Though often compared, Keynote is not PowerPoint.
A pet rock.
Keynote is also available on iPad with an all new touch interface.
Keynote is awesome, like moms home cooking.
Apple Keynote sells for $19.99 on Apple.com or Apple's App store.
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