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La Guajira

No description

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of La Guajira

La Guajira
Located on the extreme north of Colombia, La Guajira Department is a peninsula that offers a natural paradise. The department has three geographical characteristics ranging from semi desert in the North, flat arid land in the middle to the wetlands of the south. This diversity gives the region landscapes that include some vast secluded Caribbean beaches.


The region also contains the largest population of indigenous people in Colombia. One such indigenous community are the Wayuu Indians, and an integral ingredient of the adventure is to share with them their proud traditions and natural and cultural riches and conservation of their land. There are three main languages in La Guajira, the most spoken in terms of population is the Spanish language followed by the Wayuu language. The growing population of Middle Eastern immigrants has contributed with the Arabic language in the region. Koguis and Wiwas are more associated with the Chibchan languages speaking also in their own variation.
biodiversity & interesting facts
One such conservation project is the protection of its lagoons, rivers and streams which serve as habitat to flamingos and many other prevalent species. Some of the beaches are also nesting sites for caná, carey, and caguama turtles.
interesting facts
La Guajira became an official department of Colombia on July 1, 1965.
The Cerrejón coal mine, located in Barranca, which is in the north of the department, is the world's largest open pit coal mine.
The Wayúu have kept their language, which belongs to the Arawak linguistic family.
Maria Alejandra Triana
Veronica Torres 8B

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Cabo De La Vela
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