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The Conquistadors and the Effects of Conquest

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anaya sidhu

on 29 April 2016

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Transcript of The Conquistadors and the Effects of Conquest

The Conquistadors and the Effects of Conquest
The Conquistadors main purpose was to "civilize" people.
Conquistadors believed that they were serving the church and were saving Aboriginal peoples from eternal domination.
Destroyed the Aboriginal religions, replacing their religions with Christianity.
Small pox progression
Heràn Cortés- a young noble, determined to make his future in the new world.
Vasco Balboa- was the first European to see the Pacific Ocean
Coronado- led an expedition to southwest America.
Hernàn de Soto- searched the Mississippi
Conquered most of America in the 16th century.
Cortes led a raid against Aztec Mexico in 1519.
While Cortes was in America, a mass outbreak of smallpox occurred
Traveled to the 'new world' which was North, Central, and much of South America.
Coronado led an expedition to the American southwest.
Hernàn de Soto explored the Mississippi.
In south America, other explores traveled along The Amazon and Orinoco.
This map shows some of the areas that were explored by the conquistadors.
Conquistadors video
The Conquistadors discovered new ocean ways, leading them to take control of unexplored lands.
Conquered Mexico, Peru, and little bit of North America, making Spain one of the most powerful and richest countries at the time.
Took many Aboriginals, making them slaves.
Also gave the Aboriginals the smallpox
Hernàn de Soto
Heràn Cortés
Vasco Balboa
In conclusion, the main effect these conquistadors had on the conquest is how other humans began to travel and finding these new routes they took to get to the new world. Without these people we wouldn't have discovered these new lands when we did. They also had a large impact on the way people traveled in later centuries.
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