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Copy of Business Presentations in Prezi

Here are some examples of a few tools you can incorporate into Prezi that are applicable to business presentations (Cost Benefit Analysis, Stakeholder Model, SWOT Analysis, Timeline, and Stock Comparison). Feel free to use this Prezi as a template.

Mohd Aiman Hakimi Abdullah

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Copy of Business Presentations in Prezi

qwerqwerqwer qwerqwerqwer AUDIT Activities Areas Lebar Daub Bhd. LebtechEnergy S/B Project Mgnt.
CF Mgnt.
Credit Mgnt. & Collection Biz Develop.
Procurement, Quo. Tender Mgnt.
Procedures Compliance Audit
Charter Auditee Should
Fully Cooperate Auditte Should
Respond in writing
in a timely manner Auditee should
implement - corrective
Action Plans IA Authorized to
Have Full, Free &
Unrestricted Aceess DETAIL AUDIT FINDING

Issue Grade:


Risk / Implication:


Management Response:

Planned Corrective Action:

Due Date:
Kumpulan Lebar Daun Internal Audit Department Outline 1. What is Auditing?
2. Role of Internal Audit
3. Purpose of Internal Auditing
4. Audit Charter
5. Internal Audit Process
6. Internal Audit Activities
7. Areas of Audit
8. Internal Audit Plan 2010
9. Summary of Risk Profile
10. Internal Audit Report Format
11. Conclusion
Q & A Understand IA Function INTERNAL AUDIT Role & Function an independent,
objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organisation’s operations a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate & improve the effectiveness of risk management, control & governance processes a. In accordance with the Group’s policies and direction
b. In compliance with prescribed laws and regulation; and
c. Achieving the desired result efficiently, effectively and economically.
an objective assessment of operations and share ideas for best practices.

Improving controls, processes and procedures, performance, and risk management.
AREA Lebar Daun Cons. S/B Compliance to Laws & Regulations
Monitoring of Finance, A/C & Ops from Top Mgnt.
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