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iPad Pilot Program at Alexander Dawson School

How will the iPad be used at our school?

Jeff Ellenbogen

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of iPad Pilot Program at Alexander Dawson School

Alexander Dawson
iPad Pilot Program 5th and 6th Grade How are iPads being used at Dawson? iBooks Safari eReader Internet Classics
Historical Documents
New Releases
Scanned Copies of actual books "Connected to all the knowledge in the Universe" All Dawson 5th/6th grade students and teachers were given an iPad to use at school and home. Word Processing Spreadsheets Presentations Pages Numbers Keynote Productivity Calculator eClicker PaperDesk notetaking realtime quizzing no need to buy
calculators Making Music
This year with the 5th grade library classes, we are using them every single week and the fact that each kid gets to have their own access to the library homepage/catalog/databases and not have to "partner up or triple up" with their classmates is making a HUGE impact on their learning and they are better digesting what we are teaching them about library research skills.

I am seeing light bulbs go off and skills-sets sharpening in only two rotations. It's really making a difference with the library curriculum and I can only imagine the impact it is having in other classrooms.
-Cindy Stahoviak (Librarian) Initial Reflections on the iPad at Dawson It's pretty fluid and I don't have to make a lot of special plans to integrate it. It's one of many tools and students have been very responsible with the equipment and the increased access to the Internet.
-Doug Troise (6th grade) I love that when the students do math on the iPad with IXL, they get immediate reinforcement and corrections of their work. They cannot wait to get to their math work when it is on the iPad.
-RuthAnne Schedler (6th grade) It's been a lot smoother than I thought it would be, and I am using it almost everyday for something. Students always finish assignments at different times and sometimes it can be problematic keeping students quiet while others finish. However, now that the students have their iPads, they can read their book report book since they have it with them on the iPad or they can use another app.
-Brenda Lord(5th grade) I like how Lisa Ha-Ngoc is using the iPad to have the kids record things in Spanish. They will frequently record things over and over just so that they do it in a voice they like. This repetition is an inadvertent benefit to recording on the iPad.
-Christal McDougall(6th grade) Percussive create music Quickvoice voice recording Educational Outreach Consulting area public schools on using iPads in their districts. Dawson technology department members will be working with the Technology Leadership Forum in November 2010. We will be meeting with IT directors from around the state to consult on implementing an iPad program in their districts.

Attending Apple Workshop on iPad / iPod in Denver in December to share what we are doing and get ideas from other educators. Dawson will be consulting area public schools on using iPads in their districts. We will be working with public schools through the Technology Leadership Forum. This fall, we will meet with IT directors to consult on implementing an iPad program in various districts around the state.

Dawson technology department will be attending an Apple Workshop on iPad / iPod in Denver in December to share what we are doing and get ideas from other educators. IXL math practice
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