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No description

Rin Sonotabikata

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of VOCALOID

VOCALOID is a voice synthesizer developed by YAMAHA. Users can use the VOCALOID voice banks made by many companies to sing their songs. The most famous VOCALOID voice bank is Hatsune Miku, developed by Crypton Future Media.
The newest VOCALOID engine now allows voicebanks in five different languages. The five languages are Japanese, English, Chinese, Spanish and Korean.
There are also VOCALOID concerts using holograms. Recently, people worked out how to have a hologram concert on clouds. Before this happened, there was a water concert in Yokohama.
Famous songs using VOCALOID
Some famous VOCALOID songs include Nyanyanyanyanya!, or Nyan Cat, World is Mine, Tell Your World, Senbonzakura, Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru, FREELY TOMORROW and Luka Luka Night Fever.
Famous producers who uses VOCALOID
Some famous producers include ryo(supercell), livetune(kz), Kurousa-P, Hachioji-P, DECO*27, KEMU VOXX, minato, H.K. Kun, 164, Last Note, Mitchie M, Neru, Hachi, Agoaniki-P, mothy and 40mP.
Creative activities with VOCALOID
Because of VOCALOID, many people are involved in creative activities. To produce a VOCALOID song, a composer/arranger is needed, a VOCALOID tuner is needed, a illustrator is needed and a PV animator is needed. After it is uploaded to the internet, more people cover, dance and play the song.
A picture of the VOCALOID engine.
Photo of the producer livetune(kz)
A video of the song Delusion Tax by DECO*27 feat. Hatsune Miku.
FREELY TOMORROW by Mitchie M feat. Hatsune Miku shows a very realistic tuning of the VOCALOID Hatsune Miku.
BGM: Hitorinbo Envy by Denporu-P feat. Hatsune Miku Append
Thank you for watching.
Please try some VOCALOID songs after this.
I suggest Unhappy Refrain and Ama no Jyaku.
A cover of Kochira, Koufuku Anshin Iinkai desu. by Lan Shao.
Original by Utata-P feat. Hatsune Miku
Ran-sama Ore no Yome!
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