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Lifelong Learning UK

How Lifelong Learning UK makes a difference

Bryony Taylor

on 1 December 2009

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Transcript of Lifelong Learning UK

learners on their journey through life age 14 age 70+ careers guidance further education higher education work based learning community development family learning youth work libraries archives "My youth worker trained to be a youth worker by undertaking an apprenticeship. She's the best, she's helped me become more confident and now I've decided to become a social worker when I'm older." Lifelong Learning UK develops apprenticeship frameworks for people in the youth work, libraries and community development sectors. "I didn't know what to do when I lost my job. My careers adviser helped me to think about a new career using skills I had learnt in 10 years in catering." Now that careers guidance has been brought into the footprint of Lifelong Learning UK, it is possible to make much greater connections between employment and skills and also between the different parts of the lifelong learning sector an individual will encounter through their lives. Having a dedicated agency to focus on workforce development for careers guidance staff is essential in these changing times. "I learnt English at my local college and now I can help my son with his homework." Lifelong Learning UK has been at the forefront of developments with regard to teacher training for Skills for Life tutors. We have developed a range of professional standards for this vital workforce. "Our community development worker helped us to form a group to change our neighbourhood for the better. We just got some funding for a community project!" Lifelong Learning UK has just published new National Occupational Standards for Community Development workers. These will be used to recruit excellent staff and maintain good quality community development work. They will also form the basis of new qualifications for this workforce. "I did a childcare course at my local college after school. I just got my first job in a private nursery. My tutor was brilliant, he helped me to get a merit in my BTEC." Lifelong Learning UK introduced pioneering new professional qualifications for teachers, tutors and trainers in the wider further education sector. There have been improvements in teaching and learning as a result and the profession is gaining recognition. "the library at my university ran a session in study skills. Without their help, I wouldn't have got through my degree." Lifelong Learning UK has developed National Occupational Standards and qualification specifications for the libraries, archives and information services sector. These are vital in this fast changing environment. "I did a Masters part time whilst I was working. This enabled me to get a promotion and produce some really useful research for my organisation." Lifelong Learning UK is currently doing research into new and emerging roles in the Higher Education sector. This research will help universities to recruit the right staff in the future. "I studied my family history with the help of our local archives service. I've got involved in a local history group and it's been so good to do something positive since I retired." Lifelong Learning UK is responsible for workforce development for archivists. We have been exploring how the archives world is changing and the skills needed for the archivist of the future. "I did my plumbing qualification on the job. I had a brilliant tutor who works as a plumber, so I got to learn all the tricks of the trade." Lifelong Learning UK has developed new professional qualifications for people who train in the work place. Some of these qualifications are being taken up by such organisations as Sainsbury's and the MOD for their trainers. Lifelong Learning UK is the only employer-led organisation which serves the whole lifelong learning sector across the four nations of the UK. Without our underpinning workforce research, standards and qualifications development, individual learners will get a raw deal and businesses won't have the skills supply they need. challenges ahead "In our society, skills must always be a ladder up. Skilled people get more out of work and rise higher. Equipping people who are out of work with the skills they need to take up jobs in key sectors will be essential to a strong recovery. The skills system needs to mesh with our university system in such a way that there is a clear vocational route from apprenticeship to technician to foundation degree and beyond." - Lord Mandelson, Skills for Growth, Skills Strategy, BIS, 2009 "The skills needed for Digital Britain are not just another ‘vertical’ subject area. They underpin everything we do in the 21st century. 22 million employees use technology daily in the workforce. Successful, emerging economies have already embraced this message. So we need a step change in approach at all levels – in schools, vocational training, higher education and in the current workforce.” - Digital Britain, BIS, June 2009
“Technology may be redefining what we mean by lifelong learning. It reinforces how increasingly irrelevant the divisions have become between formal and informal learning, workplace, institution and home-based learning.“ Simon Mauger, NIACE, 2009
"The needs of growing markets like bioscience and low-carbon will require new and higher level skills. The skills system needs to equip Britain with a workforce capable of prospering in the demanding conditions of a globalised knowledge economy." Skills for Growth, BIS, Nov 2009 “It is clear that future policy will need to include CPD for a wide range of people involved in supporting the development of ICT and Digital Life Skills, including, teachers of other subjects, intermediaries, volunteers and digital mentors.” - Independent Review of ICT User Skills, Baroness Estelle Morris, June 2009 Lifelong Learning UK is currently the only organisation with a strategic overview which 'meshes' the skills system to include higher education, further education, 14-19 provision and all other forms of adult learning. Lifelong Learning UK plays a vital role in having this overview and the ability to create a truly flexible world-class workforce that can respond to these challenges.
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