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Age of Exploration and Enlightment

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Eric To

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of Age of Exploration and Enlightment

Exploration Of Discoveries
The Europeans wanted to find a faster way to Asia to discover new lands and the goods that are there to trade and build up lots of money for power. Better technology like the astrolabe and better maps helped with these explorations. Most of the goods that the Europeans wanted came from Marco Polo's book that was all about Asia and its goods.
The Northwest Passage
The French, Dutch, and English Explorations goal was to find a northwest passage to Asia, but it was too cold for anyone to make it through
How did Capitalism Develop
Capitalism started to develop because of the search for wealth after it was demanded by Europe's increasing contacts with the rest of the world. By the 1600s, the nation had replaced the city and village as the basic economic unit in Europe. Nations began to compete for markets and trade goods and new business methods were developed to invest money, speed the flow of wealth, and reduce risks in commercial ventures and these changes became known as the Commercial Revolution,which formed the roots of modern financial and business life.

What Are Joint Stock Companies?
Joint stock companies are organizations that sold stock or shares in the venture and only a few joint stock companies became rich and powerful through goverment support .
So how did the ideas from the age of exploration and age of Enlightment effect american ideals, it affected american ideals because the bill of rights will not allow monarchs to collect taxes like today, the government can't tax people buy a huge fold they have to have a parilament's consent, also thanks to the magna carta the president and government executives don't have too much power over us citizens, and another good exmple is the "RULE OF LAW" because without it no one would care about the law and it means that the president can just shoot someone in the face he still has to pay the fine go to court and so on and so forth. for the age of exploration without better technology there will be no exploring and same as today because if we did not have good tech we would be killed during sea trips and so on and so forth. This is why if we didn't have these important moments in the past there will be chaos and ruin upon our land right now!
How do the ideas from the age of Enlightenment guide american ideals ?
Advances in technology
Although most advances do seem to be on maps and compasses, those weren't the only advances in technology. The ships were made and designed more fortified that the stern rudder and the triangle sail made it possible to sail into the wind. The Europeans also improved on the magnetic compass which helped sailors determine their ship's location even when they are far from land.
Chinese magnetic compass
Christopher Columbus Journey
Christopher Columbus was an Italian navigator who came up with a bold and daring plan to get to Asia. He would sail west across the Atlantic ocean and it was during this time that no one knew that there
Fun Fact:
Marco Polo Did not actually write his book. He actually got captured when he was commanded a galley in a war against the rival city of Genoa. He was captured during the fighting and spent a year in a Genoa prison - where one of his fellow-prisoners was a writer of romances named Rustichello of Pisa. It was only when prompted by Rustichello that Marco Polo dictated the story of his travels, known in his time as The Description of the World or The Travels of Marco Polo. So technically Marco Polo did not write his book, it was actually his jail mate who wrote it.
Beginnings of Slave Trade
The Europeans had obtained the sugarcane from Asia and started to grow it in the Carribean. For the Europeans to plant and harvest the sugarcane they had enslaved millions of Africans and moved them to the Americas and forced them to work. They had brought a total of 10 to 12 million Africans had been transported to the Americas. Those who survived the labor were sold to plantation owners and plantations was an essential part of the economy of the colonies.
Europe's Heritage of Ideas
Many ideas for the age of enlightment came from either the Greeks, Romans, Jews, and Christians. Some of the names of ideas or laws or beliefs are "rule of law", natural law, theology, protestantism, scientific method, and the seperation of powers and so on and so forth.
The Magna Carta
The magna carta was a document that limited royal power and protected nobles from unlawful loss of life, liberty, and property. King John signed the magna carta. The English bill of rights was also an important document that the monarch could not tax people without Parliament's consent
The Magna Carta
The English Bill of Rights
Successful Conclusion
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