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on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Nevada

This is a climate map of Nevada
By: Sarah Fuller

If you are looking for a tour for the day!
Go to the Nevada Theatre for the tour of your life. They make so much money because of all the tour's. The tourist go to the best entertainment, old buildings, and any place in the city of Nevada like the Nevada Theatre . They make thousands of dollars a year!!
In 1776 Spaniard Francisco was the first european to discover Nevada. He explored the whole city. For instance, he saw all these new things like the Capital of Nevada!!
Political Location
Carson City
Geographic Location
The Great Basin has lots of trees, mountains and animals. Most of Nevada lies within The Great Basin. The Great Basin has beavers, deer and even a bighorn sheep!! There is lots of steep rocky hills that bighorn sheep can climb.
Economic Location
The Nevada Theatre
Carson City is the Capital of Nevada! It is a amazing city. The population of Carson City is 55,274! It has wonderful views!! It has trees, swamps mountains and lots of animals! For instance, snakes, frogs and deer.
This is Carson City, Nevada
The Great Basin National Park
This is The Great Basin
Choice Location
Las Vegas
Las Vegas is a fun and entertaining place! The population in Las Vegas is 606,762. There is music, singing, acting, and dancing everywhere!! There are lots of tall buildings and colors shining!!
This is Las Vegas
Fun Facts
1. Nevada become a state on Halloween in 1864
2. Nevada takes it name from a Spanish word "snow-capped
3. Las Vegas,Nevada didn't exist at the begging of the 20th century
4. Nevada's population is 2,758,931
5. The state bird is the Mountain Bluebird
6. The state flower is a Sagebrush
7. The state animal is Desert Bighorn Sheep
8. The state rock is a Desert Sandstone
9. The state song is "Home Means Nevada"
10. The state colors are Silver and Blue
Economy in Nevada
Nevada makes money in lots of ways. For instance, the most important thing in Nevada is tourism. Tourist have tours all over the city of Nevada, including Las Vegas, and Carson City. They take the tours into historic places, parks, and even on a boat for a tour!!
This is a tour on a boat in Nevada
History in Nevada
This is Spaniard Francisco
Government in Nevada
The Governor of Nevada is Brian Sandoval. Brian was elected Governor on November 2, 2010. Brian's wife is named Kathleen and he has 3 kids. He has made Nevada a awesome place!!
This is Brian Sandoval
Geography in Nevada
Nevada is in the southwest region. The state is bored by Utah, Idaho, Arizona and Oregon. Nevada can be divide into 3 whole region's. The Nevada landscape has sandy deserts, snow covered mountains, and grassy valleys.
This is the border of Nevada
Maps of Nevada
This is a road map of Nevada
This is a elevation map of Nevada
This is a resource map of Nevada
Road Trip Distance
Historic Location
Fort Ruby
Fort Ruby was built in 1862 in the wilderness in eastern Nevada. 1862 was during the American Civil War. Fort Ruby was operated in 1862 - 1869. The area of Fort Ruby is 10 acres. Fort Ruby is still standing in Nevada today!!
Theses are pictures of Fort Ruby
Video Time!!
Thanks for watching!!
The Nevada Theture to Fort Ruby is 65.1 miles
Fort Ruby to Carson City is 388 miles
Carson City to The Great Basin National Park is 382 miles
The Great Basin National Park to Las Vegas is 293 miles
Las Vegas to WCE is 759 mies
Total Road Trip Distance is
2,463 miles
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