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Roles Of Officials In Netball.

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Maxine Steer

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Roles Of Officials In Netball.

Roles Of Officials In Netball.
To Be A Umpire...
To become an umpire for Netball you most learn all the rules and regulations along with the hand signals that communicate an infringement. There are two umpires in Netball of which each one controls one half of the court. When the two umpires disagree, the scorer of the game will then assist the them.
Pre-game Inspection
Before the match begins the umpire must complete a full and thorough check of the court and the players. The ball is also checked along with the net size. The umpires check the players for inappropriate fingernail size, jewelry and uniforms. If the umpires say that the court and players are within regulations, the netball match then begins.
Umpires should wear colors that are different from the color of the uniforms of the two netball teams playing in the match and a light color such as white or cream, the federation advises. Athletic shoes are the safest and most common footwear for umpires. A whistle is part of the umpire's uniform and along with hand signals, alerts the netball players to parts of the match, such as the end of a quarter or a penalty.

A part of a netball umpires responsibilities is to make decisions such as calling penalties or awarding a throw in. If someone violates the rules, the umpire alerts the players and award the non-offending team with a free pass or shot. If the netball goes out of bounds or out of court during play, the umpire decides which team member had possession of the ball before it went out, then rewards the other team with a throw in.
Controlling the players on the court when there is an injury is the umpires responsibility. If a player becomes ill or is injured during a match the umpire the umpire informs the players to remain on court and resume the match, the affected player will then leave the court. If there is an emergency the umpire is responsible for stopping the game.
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