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Devin Stringfellow

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Reconstruction

American Reconstruction By
Devin Stringfellow
Jamie Stone
Ellie Loiacono
Candy Garcia Who lead the Radical Republicans? Representitive Thaddeus Stevens of Pennsylvannia and Senator Charles Summer of Massachusetts What did they want? They wanted to prevent leaders of the confederacy from returning to power after war They also wanted the Republican Party to become a powerful institution in the South, as well as wanting federal government to help African Americans achieve political equality by granting their rights to vote in the South The Fourteen Amendment What was the reason for it? People were afraid that the Civil Rights Act might be overturned in court What did it do? It granted Citizenship to all persons born or non authorized in the
United States and declared that no state could deprive any person of life. What was the 10% Plan? The government would pardon all confederates except high ranking officials and those accused of crimes against P.O.W.s who would swear allegiance to the union The Plan was also known as "Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction." Lincoln announced this in December of 1863. As soon as 10% of those who have voted in 1860 took this oath of alliance and confederate state could form new state government and send representatives and senators to congress What was Johnson's Plan for Reconstruction? Johnson's plan tried to break the planter's power by excluding high ranking Confederates and wealthy Southern landowners from taking the oath needed for voting privileges He voted on Freedmen's Bureau Act and Civil Rights Act. In 1866 the Civil Rights Act granted citizenship to all persons born in the United states except African Americans. Granted the rights of African Americans to own property and to be treated equally in court Johnson Impeached? The Radicals thought Johnson was blocking Reconstruction. Because of this he was forced to be impeached. Johnson's removal of the cabinet member in 1868 violated the Tenure of Office Act The Tenure Act Stated that a president could not remove officers during the term of president who had appointed them without the senate's approval U.S. Grant Elected In 1868 Civil war hero, Ulysses Grant won president election by 36,000 votes. More than 500,000 Southern African Americans voted for him. Later the Radicals introduced the Fifteenth Amendment The Fifteenth Amendment states that no one can be kept from voting because of "race, color, or previous conditions of servitude" Who is Hiram Revels? He was the first African American senator. He was born of free parents in Fayetteville, North Carolina. He served on the Natchez city council and then he was elected to Mississippi's State Senate in 1869 The KKK Ku Klux Klan KKK were secret domestic terrorist organizations in the United States. They are best known for advocating white supremacy and acting as vigilantes while hidden behind conic masks and white robes. The Klan's goals were to destroy the Republican Party, to throw the Reconstruction governments, to aid planter class, and to prevent African Americans from exercising their political rights. The KKK and other groups of people killed about 20,000 men, women, and children. The congress passed a series of Enforcement Acts in 1870 and 1871. This severely weakened the power if the Republican party in the South
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