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Childhood in the 1960s

No description

Cambray O'Brien

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Childhood in the 1960s

In the 1960s the usual was for a father to work full time and for a mother to work part time, which proves the fact that kids usually were left on their own. Also many parents of the kids grew up during the Great Depression so they were "thrifty" and liked to save money wherever they could. In teh 1960s families usually went out to a restaurant once a month to d something as a family. When families did eat dinner they almost always ate together and discussed what happened during their day. On a normal school day kids normally played with friends, did their Homework, ate dinner, continued doing thei homework and then watched whatever was on the Television. Families were close knit and stood up for each other no-matter what. Schooling in the 1960s School Life in the 1960s In the 1960s school life was in some cases, harder than it is today, for instance now it is much easier to get information, by going on the computer, or using a calculator. In the 1960s many of the activities and curriculum was influenced by the events that were going on such as the Cuban Missile Crisis, and The Space Race. Instead of having fire drills in the early 60s, students would have Atomic Bomb drills where students would duck under their desks and cover their heads and necks. Video ... Slideshow of Pictures of the way things were in the 1960s By Cambray O'Brien Growing up in the "Swinging Sixties " 1960s Home Life Free time in the 60s For many children, the 1960s were considered the " Age of Innocence ". For instance kids got to go to the movies to watch westerns, and were able to play with their friends in a field after school. Kids were also allowed to walk to school and many other places in the town all by their selves.

Little kids were able to play alone too! Usually a parent might watch them for a while but there was no fear of them getting kidnapped. Also most of the time mothers watched out for everyone in the neighborhood, for instance the mothers would give kids a snack if it was snack time and would bandage them up if they got hurt even though it may not have been their kid. About The " Swinging Sixties " The Swinging Sixties was a decade where many pivitol things in America were going on such as the Cuban Missile Crisis, The Space Race, and also the Assassination of John F Kennedy. Overall the Sixties was a time where people were alert and everyone looked ot for one another.

Growing up in the 1960s was a time where school, home, and play life taught children discipline but allowed them to have fun and experience life safe environment Young children Drinking milk at Lunch Girls Playing Jump Rope at Recess Kids In A Typical Class 60s Kids Playing Home Life in the Sixies Family on Christmas Eve Family Watching TV Family going on Vacation Kids Playing in a Playground Kids Riding Their Bikes Kids Playing in their Tree- House The End !!! Works Cited
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