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Poetry Prezi: Couplets

This Prezi about poetry was created by Gideon Tong, Angela Volker, Shayne Curson, and Ireland Hatch. Within the topic of poetry, this Prezi is about couplets, their orgins, what it is, examples, videos, and more!

Gideon Tong

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of Poetry Prezi: Couplets

All About Couplets
"A Ripple In Time." . PoetrySoup, n.d. Web. . <http://www.poetrysoup.com/poems_poets/poem_detail.aspx?ID=474135>
Life Alone is Worth Living
by Shayne Curson
There once was an inspiration
It inspired one of many creations
It taught to learn, to live, to love
And to take care of the precious, yet holy dove
It taught us to take care of one another
To always care and help our brothers
It taught us to learn to be happy with what we've got
Even if what you have isn't a lot
It taught us to live our life
To get married, and always love our wife
We should help feed and teach the poor
And help them when their heart is sore
We can do much more than you may think
But all is worth it, to make our hearts turn pink
Synonyms and Couplet Examples
More About Couplets
Couplets can be about anything, from apples to zebras. It can be as abstract as you want, as simple as you want, and as long as you want. Couplets do not have many limitations.

The rhyme scheme used in couplets is AABB. This means that each pair of two lines will rhyme.
How to Write a Couplet
by Anonymous
If we don’t feel with our hearts, we don’t belong
If we don’t see as one, the world is wrong
Beyond the wars and the hate and the insanity
We are all connected as humanity
We are the child with cancer who still wears a smile
We are the kid from the projects facing trial
We are the pregnant teen feeling lost and used
We are the elderly man in a home abused
We are the young couple, marriage on the rocks
We are the homeless one in a cardboard box
We are the cold and hungry, sad and depressed
We are the lonely child who never felt blessed
We are the woman whose life was filled with pain
We are the man standing alone in the pouring rain
We are the child who struggles day to day
We are the teenage girl who ran away
We are the soldier killed in an unjust war
We are the young man who can dream no more
We are the inmate locked away for life
We are the old man who has lost his wife
We would be better off without our vanity
And have a sense of belonging to humanity.
By: Gideon Tong, Angela Volker, Shayne Curson, and Ireland Hatch
The Couplet
(noun) A pair of successive lines of verse, especially a pair that rhyme and are the same length
"Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words."
-Edgar Allan Poe
In a formal or closed couplet, each of the two lines is end-stopped, meaning that there is a grammatical pause at the end of a line in the verse.
A Ripple In Time
by Donna Jones
A new borns' cry
Tearful last good bye

Swaying waves of golden prairie grass
Shifting desert dunes - an hour glass

An acorn dropping among forest leaves
To mighty oak - a lifetime of dreams

The changing moon - to full again
Each morn' the sun - new skies begin

Eagles soar high - our hearts go there
These ripples in time - we all share
Thank You!
Thank you for listening to us bore you to death with this Prezi about couplets! This Prezi was created by Gideon Tong, Angela Voelker, Shayne Curson, and Ireland Hatch. We hope you enjoyed this Prezi! Thanks for watching and paying attention! See you next time!
Step One
Understand the format. Keep in mind that you can have two, rhyming lines. It can be as short as a word or as long as a paragraph. Often, however, it is generally accepted as sweet, simple, and to the point.
Step Three
Keeping your topic and format in mind, write your poem. Remember to try to express your thoughts into two, mid-size poetic lines. Do not make each line based off two completely different topics. Keep the reading flow going on throughout the poem. Also, do not forget to use the rhyme scheme AABB! It's a couplet!
Step Two
Choose a topic. Make it simple yet descriptive. A couplet can be a very hard poem in which to express your ideas because of the length. A topic such as your life would be difficult to compress into two lines, but a topic about a flower can be quite simple.
"Blessed are you whose worthiness
gives scope,/ Being had, to triumph;
being lacked to hope."
-William Shakespeare
A couplet must contain a pair of lines that have ending rhymes. Therefore, the text above, written by William Shakespeare, is a couplet.

Sonnets contain couplets at the end of the poem to summarize what was written above. In Sonnet 18 by William Shakespeare, a couplet gives the message and sums up what the sonnet was telling.
Yup, You're Done!
After following these steps and proofreading for mistakes, you will have successfully written a couplet! Congratulations to you! Now we'll read you a poem written by Shayne Curson, your fellow classmate.
Origin of the Couplet
The word "couplet" comes from the French word meaning "two pieces of iron riveted or hinged together." The term "couplet" was first used to describe successive lines of verse in Sir P. Sidney's Arcadia in 1590: "In singing some short couplets, where to the one half beginning, the other half should answer."

"Couplet." . N.p. Web. .http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Couplet
An example of a couplet using the AABB rhyme
Rhyming couplets are one of the simplest rhyme schemes in poetry. Because the rhyme comes so quickly, it tends to call attention to itself. Good rhyming couplets tend to "explode" as both the rhyme and the idea come to a quick close in two lines. Here are some examples of rhyming couplets where the sense as well as the sound "rhymes".
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